This Strawless Boba Cup Is Made Of Environmental Friendly Material

Every seasoned bubble tea drinker must have attempted the impossible task of sucking the last remaining pearl from their bubble tea through the watertight filter of ice cubes. #firstworldproblems

Seems like someone have heard our cries.

Two Taiwanese designers recently came up with a strawless boba cup that also helps to keep your pearls on top of your drink.


Now you can consume every single pearl with relative ease.

Floating pearls on top of your drink

If you’re under the impression that the cups possess magical powers which allow the pearls to ‘float’, we’re sorry to burst your bubble — pun intended.

The cup comes with a detachable glass on the top that is used to contain the pearls.


The detachable glass also has cutouts at the bottom, which allow users to consume both their milk tea and pearls at the same time.


It is complete with a glass cover with a rubber stopper to help prevent any form of spillage.


It appears that these cups are only available in one size, but you get to choose from 3 colours – green, blue and red – for your stopper.


These cups can also be used for fruit-infused drinks to help filter out fruit pulp.


Also environmentally friendly

Having a cup of bubble tea can make you feel guilty, especially if you’re on a diet.

To lessen the burden on your conscience, we’re glad to inform you that these cups are made of recycled glass, which helps to reduce environmental pollution.


Only a design, for now at least

At the time of writing, this design is sadly – just a design – and doesn’t appear to be available for sale.

We’ve reached out to the designers of the cup and will provide an update once we have more information on their availability.

For now, guess we can only pray for them to be made available for sale in the near future.

Featured image from Behance and Behance