Stray Dog In M’sia Gets Free Lunch Daily From Chicken Rice Hawker, Is Stall’s Most Loyal Customer

Stray Dog Given Chicken Rice From Famous Sarawak Stall To Takeaway Everyday

Stray dogs are often said to feed on anything they can find, ranging from fast food to candy.

But in this case, a doggo named Little White settles her daily meal with a packet of chicken rice from a famous stall in Sarawak, East Malaysia.

Little White apparently dabaos a packet of chicken rice everyday, and stall owners are always very generous with the amount of food they prepare for her.

Last Friday (11 Oct), a guy – presumably the stall owner – recorded the entire food preparation process and uploaded it to Facebook.

The video has since garnered over 2,900 shares and 1,000 comments at the time of writing. Little White is now an Internet famous doggo.

Stray dog waits patiently for chicken rice

As seen in the video, Little White walks in casually and sits on the ground while food is being prepared for her.

She then waits patiently while stall owners prepare customers’ orders before tending to her.


You can even hear the stall owner telling Little White to “wait for a while, I’m busy now”.

Has a different menu everyday

The stall owner has uploaded several videos, showing the variety of dishes Little White gets to savour every day.

In one of the videos, the stall owner told Little White that she will be having “fried chicken rice” for the day.  After which, a stall assistant proceeds to pour a heap of rice into Little White’s takeaway bag.


And in a separate video, the stall owner was seen preparing a huge portion of chicken breast and liver for Little White as they are supposedly good for her skin.


As per usual, the stall owner topped it all off with a few handful of rice and poured it into Little White’s takeaway bag.

Little White runs off with takeaway food

Unlike usual doggos who would run to humans for food, Little White sits like a privileged customer.

In the video, we saw that the stall assistants even had to serve the packet of chicken rice to Little White as she continues sitting comfortably on the ground.


Once Little White grabs hold of her packet of chicken rice, she then takes off.

Stall owners treat Little White as their own pet

Despite Little White constantly ‘free-loading’ packets of chicken rice, it seems like the stall owners are more than happy to provide for her meals.

From extensive lunch menus to showering her with love and head rubs, we believe that Little White is leading a happy life now.


However, kindness doesn’t stop here. You too can impact the lives of homeless doggos around you.

Sometimes, all it takes is one meal to fill their stomach and their hearts.

Feature images adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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