Gushing Wind Causes Resident’s Tap Water To ‘Bend’

UPDATE (5.49pm): This incident took place at Marine Parade. This article has been edited to reflect it.

If you have been outdoors lately, you’d probably have struggled to keep your feet on the ground. Besides upending umbrellas and blowing away our laundry, strong winds in Singapore apparently have the power to bend water too.


A resident shared a hilarious footage of the phenomenon on Reddit yesterday (18 Jan).

Wind can ‘bend’ water like Katara

In light of the gushing winds across Singapore on Monday (18 Jan), a Marine Parade resident shared on Reddit how their tap water was sent flying towards them.

Today’s wind be like: from singapore

Apparently, due to the gust of wind rushing in from the window, this stream of water appears to almost draw an upward-facing U curve.

According to a comment below, the Redditor decided to film this after getting splashed while washing their hands.


Some netizens joke that it looks like the wind “learned how to waterbend”, referring to Katara the waterbender from the animated series “Avatar: The Last Airbender“.


Wind’s likely here to stay

Even though the wind isn’t as fierce today (19 Jan), the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) still recorded a high of 33.5km/h windspeed in Admiralty.


At the time of writing, the weather forecast in the following 4 days predicts winds of a similar scale.


Perhaps the wind is taking some time to practise its waterbending techniques.

Keep laundry tightly clipped & beware of splashing water

Turns out Katara from Avatar isn’t the only waterbender in town any more.

As the wind is likely to stay, remember to keep your laundry tightly clipped, and hold on tight to your belongings and your clothes when outdoors.

More importantly, beware of splashing water that might hit you in the face. Here’s a look at just how wild things can get:

Be careful when you’re out and about, and make sure you’re ready with an umbrella or poncho in case the winds bring in some rain.

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Featured image adapted from Reddit.