Winds Hit Up To 49.3KM/H At Places Like Admiralty

Singaporeans may have noticed strong gusts of wind when going outdoors today (18 Jan), threatening to blow our laundry away.

You’re not imagining it as wind speeds in our island nation hit as high as 49.3 km/h in places like Admiralty.


Such increases in wind speeds are usually experienced during the presence of a Northeast Monsoon surge.

Rain Predicted To Continue For Next 2 Days, NEA Says Monsoon Surge Will Weaken In Mid-Week

Admiralty winds hit 49.3 km/h

According to the Meteorological Service Singapore, northeast winds hit Admiralty at higher speeds than the rest of Singapore.


At about 11am, the area saw wind speeds of up to 49.3 km/h — that’s almost as fast as our buses travel.

To put this into perspective, the speed limit for buses on roads is 50 km/h.


While the speeds were not sustained for long, Admiralty still experienced wind speeds of over 30 km/h for about 4 hours.


Strong winds all around Singapore

Other than Admiralty, other parts of Singapore like Tai Seng also experienced high wind speeds of up to 37.4 km/h between 10am and 3pm.


Changi’s wind speeds hit 31.9 km/h as well in the afternoon.


Well, as it’s been pretty cloudy over the past few days, the breezy weather certainly helps to dry our clothes even as the sun hides.

Windy weather may continue

According to National Environment Agency (NEA), Singapore experienced average wind speeds ranging between 15-30 km/h.

As of time of writing, Tuesday (19 Jan) is forecasted to have around the same conditions.


This may be good or bad depending on how well you clip your laundry.

Reminder to clip laundry well & use paperweights for documents

While Singapore may not have the title of The Windy City – it goes to Chicago in the United States – it’s refreshing to let some fresh air breeze through the house.

However, remember to batten down the hatches and find some paperweights.

You don’t want to return to a mess should you forget to close the windows.

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Featured image adapted from Wikimedia.