Skillful Driver Siams Primary School Student Who Looked The Wrong Way While Crossing

Primary School Student Was Almost Run Over By Driver

We always hear our parents tell us to look right, look left, then look right once more before crossing the road.

But a student from Telok Kurau Primary School crossed the road without following the first and last steps as a driver approached on Tuesday (19 Mar).

Thankfully, the driver managed to swerve right and brake, saving the boy from possible fatal injuries.

The traffic light was green

Based on the video, the traffic light was still green when the student wanted to cross the road.


This means that the driver has the right of way and continue past the traffic light.

The boy crossed without looking

In the video, the student was looking at a truck on the other side of the road. He may have thought that there was already no oncoming traffic leading him to cross without looking.


Driver was travelling at 45km/hr

Motorists are required to travel within the speed limit of 40km/hr in school zones.


However, based on the video, the driver was travelling at 45km/hr before jamming his brakes.


Thus, the driver was technically speeding in school zone.

Student sent for counselling

This morning (20 Mar), the school was informed of the incident and the student has been counselled for his actions. His parents were also promptly informed.

Telok Kurau Primary will also use this as an example when sharing the Road Safety message the following week when school reopens.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility

Crossing the road without looking is the student’s fault. However, it wouldn’t hurt for drivers to be more alert to their surroundings. If it wasn’t for this driver’s quick reaction, the boy could be in the hospital right now.

We should protect ourselves and others as safety is everyone’s responsibility. After all, we wouldn’t want anyone we care about getting into an accident.

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