S’pore Students Can Get Up To $80 For Financial Relief, Claimed Via TransitLink Machines

Students On Financial Relief Can Get Extra Help From 9 Jun, 2nd Tranche From 7 Jul

The Covid-19 outbreak in Singapore and the associated restrictions like the ‘Circuit Breaker’ have had a greater impact on those who are needy.

Students whose families’ financial difficulties have been worsened due to loss or reduction of income may find it more challenging to focus on their studies.

Thus, the Government has decided to lend a helping hand to these students in the form of up to $80 in top-ups to their School Smartcard.


Primary students get $20/month, secondary students get $40/month

In a Facebook post on Monday (8 Jun), Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Indranee Rajah acknowledged the stress on students from needy families brought on by Covid-19.


While help was disbursed to these students during the ‘Circuit Breaker’, more will be done for them as they return to school in Phase 1.

Thus, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will give out a temporary relief of $20 per month to primary school students, while secondary school students will get $40 per month.

Students on financial assistance are eligible

This relief is for students who are on the MOE’s Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS), said Ms Indranee, who is also Second Minister for Finance.

However, students who are on the Special Education FAS, as well as and secondary school students on the MOE’s Independent School Bursary will also be able to get the relief.


Top-up can be redeemed from Transitlink Add-Value Machines

The sum will be handed out in June and July, which means primary students will get a total of $40 for these 2 months, and secondary students will get $80.

Eligible students have been able to collect their top-up from Tuesday (9 Jun), from Transitlink Add-Value Machines across Singapore.


The July top-up can be redeemed from 7 Jul, also at these machines.

Financial relief helps families tide through crisis

Students from needy families are indeed disproportionally hit by Covid-19 as compared with their more well-off peers, and it’s good that help is being given to them.

No one should be denied a proper education due to lack of money, and the sum will go some way towards helping their families tide over the crisis.

To all students who’re back in school, stay safe and don’t let the virus stop you from fulfilling your full potential!

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