Singapore Dance Students Studying in New Zealand Performed ‘Waiata’ For SIA Crew On Flight Back Home

In recent weeks, the Covid-19 situation has taken a turn for the worse and many countries are tightening border controls in response.

Even in these trying times, Singaporeans from all walks of life are showing acts of kindness, giving us hope for whatever lies ahead.

A group of Singaporean dance students studying in the New Zealand (NZ) School of Dance recently performed for the Singapore Airlines (SIA) crew serving them on a returning flight from NZ.

Students wanted to show appreciation to SIA crew

In the viral video, the 6 students put on a spontaneous performance at the front rows of the empty cabin.


Their hopeful voices filled the vacant space, creating the background music for the dance they prepared.

One of the students, Ms Lim, told MS News that the waiata is traditionally performed in their school as an “expression of acknowledgement, gratitude and rapport with anyone who shares something valuable that connects us together”.

Hence, they decided to share their school’s waiata with the crew who were aiding them in times of need.

Their touching attempt was met with cheers and applause by the cabin crew.


Some even whipped out their phones to capture the ‘in-flight’ performance.


Best flight of their lives

According to Ms Lim, the cabin crew’s service was “extremely friendly and hospitable” throughout the 10.5-hour flight home.

Picture courtesy of Ms Lim

Not only did they allow the students to use the extra space available on the near-vacant flight, but they also assisted them in taking multiple group photos during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Picture courtesy of Ms Lim

Upon learning that the Singaporeans were students at the renowned dance school, the crew members “requested for a performance in light jest”, revealed Ms Lim.

The 6 students felt immense gratitude towards the cabin crew for their generosity and kindness they displayed, making it “the best flight ever”.

Out of appreciation, they decided to take on their ‘request’, performing a song that has deep meaning for them as NZ School Of Dance students.

Encouraged to return home

Last Thursday (19 Mar), NZ decided to ban all non-residents from entering the country in order to reduce the number of imported Covid-19 cases.

When asked why they were flying back home so ‘late’, Ms Lim said that up until Sunday (22 Mar), the Covid-19 situation in the country was still “relatively mild”.

It was only on Monday (23 Mar) that NZ raised the alert levels which caused schools to be locked down.

NZ School of Dance

As such, Ms Lim and her friends decided to return home on Tuesday (24 Mar) — the earliest date with flights back to Singapore they could catch.

Picture courtesy of Ms Lim

Though not the only Singaporeans on the plane, she shared that the plane only had around 50 passengers onboard — a huge contrast from the 400 normally expected.

Now back in Singapore, the 6 students are currently serving their compulsory 14-day Stay-Home Notice.

Students kind gesture gives us hope

On Friday (27 Mar), Speaker of Parliament Mr Tan Chuan Jin complimented the youths in a Facebook post for their amazing performance and commendable sense of gratitude.


Their hopeful performance touched the hearts of many, showing that we can still show thanks to others through our own little ways in times of darkness.

Ms Lim wishes to take this opportunity to tell others that,

During a time of global challenge from a virus that does not discriminate  between nationalities and ethnicities, I am happy to be part of a growing message spreading intentional love, gratitude, bravery and unity worldwide.

We hope Ms Lim and her friends’ performance will inspire others to show thanks to others, especially those working on the frontlines. While it might take just mere seconds, it would no doubt mean a world of difference for them, knowing people are appreciating whatever they are doing.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.