Free Mains Promo At Swensen’s S’pore To Encourage Eating With Family

Dining at restaurants with the entire family can cost quite a bit, which is why we tend to do that on special occasions only.

But Swensen’s Singapore’s new promo might make that big family dinner more affordable and increase valuable bonding time.

With fancy food made cheaper, there’s no excuse to skip meals with your family.

Swensen’s wants to encourage family meals

The convenience of food delivery apps and value of privacy often mean that many of us prefer eating alone.

Meals with our families become less frequent, which translates to less quality time together.

Hoping to change that, Swensen’s has introduced a Special Moments promo, to encourage children to bring their parents out for a meal.


With free à la carte main dishes, you can save significantly on family meals there.

Yummy Western classics

The diverse range of Western and local dishes at Swensen’s will surely please everyone’s taste buds.

For those who prefer pastas or proteins with potatoes on the side, Swensen’s has a wide range of such options on their menu.

Go for their various steaks, or play safe with their signature fish and chips that tops almost everything else.


The crispy and flaky bread crumb batter complements the tender white fish meat perfectly.

What’s better than pasta, cheese and meatballs? Swensen’s has that heavenly combination for you, in this mouthwatering dish.


The many options to pick from will surely leave everyone spoilt for choice.

Asian staples for the more traditional

If your parents prefer Asian staples like rice and noodles, they can order generous portions of dishes like the claypot spicy laksa.


The juicy king prawns in the noodle dishes will certainly soak up all the delicious flavours.

Only one local rice dish is available, but you can’t go wrong with the classic nasi lemak.


The rice comes with crispy fried chicken and king prawn too, which is definitely value for money.

The best part is, you can get one of these for free as long as you buy two à la carte main dishes. That’s basically a buy-2-get-1-free promo.

Every transaction allows up to 2 free mains max, which means if you have a family of 6, you’ll only have to pay for 4 mains.

An important thing to note is that the promo requires you to have at least 5 diners present, so make sure you gather enough family members. Other terms and conditions can be found in the poster here.

Promotion valid till 29 Feb

Salivating already as you read this? Yeah, us too. Here’s how you can enjoy the deal.

Simply quote “Swensen’s Special Moments” upon ordering and tag @SwensensSingapore on Facebook or Instagram in a photo of your family enjoying their food. Don’t forget the hashtag #SwensensSpecialMoments in the caption.

Do note that at least 5 people have to dine together to qualify, so this is the chance to jio a cousin or even grandparent along.

The long Chinese New Year holiday is upon us, so it’s the perfect time for a family meal or even reunion dinner. Why not bring your loved ones to the nearest Swensen’s outlet soon?

Featured image adapted from Google Maps.