This Tampines HDB Is A Glitzy Vintage Bar With High Counter Stools & Retro Neon Lights


Tampines HDB Feels Like Retro Bar With Personal Izakaya & Neon Lights

The transition into Phase 2 saw the re-opening of some restaurants and bars, but not without some new normals.

No alcohol will be served beyond 10.30pm — a bummer for those who wish to wine and dine throughout the night.

Fret not. For one HDB household, it’s good they had the foresight to deal with this ‘curfew’ by designing their home to look like a bar. And a rather glitzy one at that.

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Interior design firm 5th Avenue – well-known for giving a 5-room HDB a walk-in sneaker closet – has done it again.

This time, they’ve transformed a plain HDB unit at 227 Tampines Street 23 into a retro taproom that would give your usual craft beer hangout a run for its money.

Tampines HDB has neon lights & retro bar vibes

Reminiscent of an 80’s pub, the violet neon lights of popular Spanish lexicon ‘Que Sera Sera’ is immediately eye-catching.

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The purple illumination basks the entire space in a soft glow, adding to the ambiance of  your personal bar scene.

Personal Izakaya bar

Of course, what is a pub without one’s very own Izakaya-styled bar.

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While leisure travel is still off the table for now, one can still be transported to 5th Avenue’s version of Japan’s casual bars — decked in vibrant orange accents.

The Japanese signs, fairy lights, and lanterns are certainly reminiscent of Tokyo’s pubs where friends and colleagues gather to unwind after work.

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Top it off with some gyoza and cans of Asahi here and you can do your own unwinding while reliving your Japan travels daily, anytime.

An uncommon sight for most re-modelled flats, this layout also makes use of orange porcelain tiles for the counter top.

It certainly lends the 70’s hip vibes as this material is one of the oldest forms of natural stones in the market.

tampines hdb bar

With 4 high counter stools, it is the perfect set up for a wholesome night that is well within safe distancing guidelines of up to 5 people per gathering.

Vending machine inspired door

For those who fancy a soft drink instead, this vending machine-inspired door will leave you thirsting for the real deal.


This quirky bathroom door creates a concealed door effect — the inventory of the vending machine is also customisable.


Beyond the vending machine door is a shower space adorned with unique graffiti-print hexagonal tiles. Talk about bathroom goals with with these eclectic vibes!


What awaits after a toilet break is an antique brass-rimmed mirror and sink with nautical features.

tampines sinkSource

Sitting in the middle of the living room is also a 2-seater leather plush couch, perfect for sinking in with a glass of coke or whiskey, or both.


A home that will transport you back in time

Whether or not you love your drinks, this space is perfect for those who feel they belong in a different time — say, a movie in the 1980’s.

5th Avenue has definitely outdone themselves by turning this HDB flat into a sleek and retro bar scene.

From the hanging light bulbs to furnishes such as retro turntables and antique radios, one foot in this space will transport you back into time to a bar where your parents met and shared a milkshake.

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Featured images adapted from 5th Avenue Interior.

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