S’porean Returns From Holiday To Piles Of Taobao Deliveries At Home, Realises 4-Year-Old Nephew Ordered Them

Singaporean Shocked To Find S$2,000 Worth Of Taobao Deliveries Outside Her Home

When shopping online, some of us may add the items we want to cart first but check out much later. Doing that, unfortunately, led to an unexpected outcome of dramatic proportions recently when a woman came home to piles of deliveries from Taobao at her doorstep.

The sight took her by complete surprise as she didn’t recall ordering anything, let alone that many things, before she left for her holiday in Japan on 24 Apr.

It wasn’t until she thought back that she realised her 4-year-old nephew may have placed the orders while playing with her phone one day.

Now with way too many items on hand, the woman is hoping to let them go at reasonable prices.

Returns from holiday to find stacks of Taobao deliveries

The woman in question, Ms Ong, told MS News that she made the shocking discovery after returning from her holiday in Japan on 4 May.

Instead of coming home to her abode exactly the way she left it, Ms Ong was greeted by piles of Taobao deliveries in boxes of various sizes and even gunny sacks.

When she opened some of the boxes, she found multiple pieces of the same items which she never remembered ordering.

Since everything was addressed to her, the deliveries couldn’t have been a mistake.

Sure enough, when Ms Ong checked her Taobao account, there were records of orders for the exact items she received.

But instead of just one or two pieces, the orders were for as many as 20 or more of each item.

Nephew may have accidentally ordered items

Certain that she didn’t place the orders, Ms Ong checked her transaction history and found that they were placed on 11 Apr.

Thinking back to that day, Ms Ong recalled that she had some friends over at her place. To keep her nephew occupied while she entertained her guests, she had passed him her phone to play with.

She suspects that he may have placed the orders while using her phone, which eventually led to her current conundrum.

Since Taobao doesn’t require a one-time-password (OTP) to confirm payment, the platform processed the orders, right away. Ms Ong calculated that everything added up to about S$2,000.

When she addressed the incident, she claimed that her nephew didn’t seem to understand what had happened.  His mum, her elder sister, has been made aware.

Hopes to sell items ordered by mistake

With roughly S$2,000 worth of items lying around her house, Ms Ong is finding ways to clear them out without making a huge loss.

She told MS News that she has managed to sell some of them off at cost price. However, there’s still a ton of other items that she wants to let go of.

Among them are cordless hairdryers, flower bouquets and mini washing machines pictured in the screenshot above.

She also has a few of this cordless vacuum cleaner, which you can use anywhere like cars or work stations.

The device, which is around the same size as an iPhone 14, cost ¥39.90 (S$7.60).

Desperate to clear the items ahead of her wedding, Ms Ong is willing to part with them at cost price or lower. Anyone who’d like to buy them off her can contact her via WhatsApp at 8875 6019.

We sincerely hope that Ms Ong will be able to clear the items soon. If there’s anything we can learn from this incident, it’s to monitor our shopping apps and even lock them if possible.

That way, there hopefully won’t be any accidental orders that’ll catch us by surprise.

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All images courtesy of Ms Ong.

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