S’pore Passport Covers On Taobao Can Make Anyone Delulu About Having Strongest Passport In The World

Redditor Finds S'pore Passport Covers On Taobao, They Have Noticeable Differences From The Real Deal

Redditor Finds Listing Of Singapore Passport Covers On Taobao

Singaporeans were recently named as having the world’s most powerful passport for visa-free travel.

While one would have to be Singaporean to hold such a privilege, that hasn’t stopped non-citizens from ‘cosplaying’ as one.

To be exact, one can make their passport look like it’s from Singapore with a simple cover from Taobao. Kids these days do say that being ‘delulu’ or delusional is the ‘solulu’ (solution).

Source: Taobao

A Reddit user shared the fascinating discovery in the r/Singapore subreddit, adding that the shop also sells passport covers for other countries.

Taobao shop has Singapore passport cover in three colours

On Tuesday (5 Dec), Reddit user u/twistycatlyman shared a Taobao listing they found selling covers that resemble Singapore’s passport.

Taobao Singapore passport cover 2

Source: Reddit

The covers come in three colours, namely black, purple, ‘watermelon red’, and a slightly darker red.

Upon first glance, the red cover can almost pass off as the real deal as it features the words ‘Republic of Singapore’ and ‘Passport’, Singapore’s coat of arms, and the biometric passport symbol.

However, a closer inspection will immediately warrant suspicion.

Actual Singapore passports

For starters, the font on the Taobao passport cover and the actual passport are completely different.

Taobao Singapore passport cover

Source: Taobao

Besides that, the coat of arms on the cover is noticeably less detailed, and the words ‘Majulah Singapura’ are also in a different font.

As such, it is safe to assume that this is only meant as a gag gift or a fun way to ‘decorate’ your passport.

The passport covers currently retail for 138 yuan (S$26).

Taobao shop sells passport covers for countries like Malaysia, Japan & USA

Interestingly, the same Taobao shop carries covers showing Malaysian, Japanese, and American passports as well, just to name a few.

Taobao Singapore passport cover

Source: Taobao

You can also buy covers to ‘transform’ yourself into a citizen of China, Thailand, Australia, Italy, Canada, and more.

Of course, don’t expect to fool any customs officers.

Like their Singaporean counterpart, these covers have marked differences that immediately give them away to someone with a discerning eye.

All of them retail for the same price.

Redditors have mixed reactions towards Singapore passport cover

Reactions by Redditors were a mixed bag, with some wondering what their purpose was and others finding humour in it.

One said that the covers would not work to hide one’s true passport as one would have to remove them at immigration counters anyway.

At most, travellers can try scanning their passports at the automated lanes with the covers on, but the commenter questioned what the point would be.

Taobao Singapore passport cover

Source: Reddit

Another Redditor theorised that since the covers are available via Taobao, Chinese nationals may use them to avoid discrimination when travelling.

Source: Reddit

On the other end of the spectrum, some simply found the passport covers funny. One said they wouldn’t mind getting it for laughs.

Source: Reddit

Finally, one Redditor who is presumably Singaporean figured it would be funny to wear the Singapore cover on top of the actual passport.

By doing so, they could fool officers into thinking they were hiding their true passport, only to reveal they are indeed Singaporean.

Taobao Singapore passport cover 2

Source: Reddit

What are your thoughts on these passport covers? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Taobao and by TheSmartLocal.

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