Fans Scramble To Reach SingPost Outlets In Malls For Chance To Secure Taylor Swift Concert Tickets

Taylor Swift Fans Race To SingPost Outlets As Soon As Malls Open On 7 Jul

While Swifties were spotted queueing outside SingPost outlets from as early as Wednesday (5 July), there were some outlets there were ‘spared’ the snaking lines.

Fans Start Queueing At SingPost Outlets 48 Hours Ahead Of Taylor Swift Concert General Sales

As fans were prohibited from queueing overnight inside some malls, many fans crowded outside malls on Friday (7  July) before they opened.

When the malls opened, hopeful fans rushed to the SingPost outlets in hopes of being among the first few in line to secure tickets to Taylor Swift’s concerts in Singapore.

Taylor Swift fans rush towards SingPost outlets as soon as malls open

A video by a Swiftie at ION Orchard revealed how fans squeezed against the mall’s shutters while they were still closed.

As soon as the shutters started rising, Swifties at the front of the pack scrambled under them.


In their haste, some even went on their knees and crawled under the shutters.

The battle did not end there — once they entered, fans raced towards the SingPost outlet to queue, even though it hasn’t opened for the day.


A similar sight was observed at Northpoint City.

Fans were seemingly held behind a barrier, stopping them from heading up to the SingPost located on the second floor.

When the barrier was removed, fans dashed up the escalators.

Source: Era Tour Singpost Q Updates on Telegram

Even after getting to the upper floors, fans continued their sprint towards the SingPost outlet.

Source: Era Tour Singpost Q Updates on Telegram

Fans asked to queue outside some malls

At other locations, however, fans queued outside the malls in a more orderly manner.

According to The Straits Times, SingPost staff told fans that when they had to queue outside the building when the malls closed.

At Hougang Grand Mall, Swifties queued in an orderly line along a McDonald’s outlet outside the mall.

@caelynchan13 yall are so dedicated #swifties #taylorswift #singpost #hougangmall ♬ original sound – caelyn

While fans’ desperation to get their hands on the concert tickets is more than understandable, we hope they still prioritise their personal safety.

All the best to Swifites trying to get their tickets today!

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Featured image adapted from Era Tour SingPost Q Updates on Telegram and NST via TAYLOR SWIFT THE ERAS TOUR ASIA on Telegram.

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