Temasek Foundation Collaborates With YSIJ To Provide Masks For Johor Residents

Since the start of the pandemic, Temasek Foundation has been keeping Singaporeans safe by issuing free masks and hand sanitiser.

Free Temasek Foundation Masks Available From 1 Mar, Only Need Washing After 1 Week

Now, they are extending help to our neighbours across the Causeway as well.

On Wednesday (24 Mar), Sultan Ibrahim of Johor shared on Facebook that an institution run by him, together with Temasek Foundation, will be handing out free reusable masks to people in Johor.

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In total, Temasek Foundation contributed 7.5 million face masks and 260 mask dispensing machines.

Temasek Foundation donates masks and vending machines to Johor

According to Sultan Ibrahim’s Facebook post, Temasek Foundation donated S$8,147,940 (RM25 million) worth of masks and vending machines to YSIJ.

The 7.5 million washable anti-bacterial masks will be distributed to Johor residents for free.

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To aid the distribution efforts, the 260 vending machines will be progressively placed at strategic locations around the district.

Every person in Johor will be able to get 1 packet each containing 2 reusable masks.

Each mask can be washed up to 30 times.

Speaking to the Royal Press Office, the Sultan said he hopes Malaysians will be able to easily obtain these masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

Students will also receive free masks

To commemorate the mask distribution, the Sultan of Johor took time out of his busy schedule to check out the vending machine placed at Pasir Pelangi Palace.


He had also personally handed 620,000 masks over to Johor’s Education Department Director, Shaharuddin Saari.

Temasek Foundation masks JohorSource

These masks will be given to the 628,702 students across 1,189 schools in Johor.

Keeping Covid-19 at bay is a global effort

Masks will probably be a mainstay in our lives for a long time to come, as they protect us from getting infected by the Covid-19 virus.

Kudos to Temasek Foundation for their generous mask donations even beyond Singapore.

After all, keeping Covid-19 at bay is a global effort. By providing help and keeping those around us safe, it will also ensure our own safety.

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