Free Temasek Foundation Masks Available From 1 Mar, Only Need Washing After 1 Week

Free Temasek Foundation Masks From Livinguard Available For Collection From 1 Mar

Temasek Foundation has been equipping Singaporeans with free masks since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Collect 2 Free Reusable Masks From Temasek Foundation Vending Machines Starting 29 Jun

Come 1 Mar, they’ll be commencing their 4th mask distribution exercise. However, things will be slightly different this time around.

For starters, users need to only wash the masks after wearing them daily for 1 week.


Along with the mask distribution, Temasek Foundation will also be distributing hand sanitiser in mid-April.

Temasek Foundation to issue free, navy Livinguard masks

Though not officially announced, Temasek Chief Ms Ho Ching gave a preview of the 2 upcoming initiatives in a Facebook post on Friday (19 Feb).

In her post, Ms Ho says the next mask distribution exercise will commence on 1 Mar. Singapore residents can collect their masks over a period of 2 weeks from then.

Unlike the previous round, each person will receive 1 mask instead of 2.

But since the new mask promises more impressive features, the lower quantity won’t be an issue.

Specially treated on the inside and outside layers, the Livinguard 3D mask – which comes in navy – only needs washing once or twice a week after daily wear, shares Ms Ho.


With this mask, we can essentially say goodbye to the days when we soak our used masks in hot water the moment we get home.

The antibacterial properties of the Livinguard 3D masks will apparently remain for 30 washes. However, given that daily washing is not required, the mask’s antibacterial properties can reportedly last us for 6 – 7 months, even if we wear it every day.


After that period, it can be used as an ‘outer mask’, should the need for double-masking arise. Otherwise, it’ll serve well as a regular, 2-layer cotton mask.

Another version of the Livinguard mask

Ms Ho also took the opportunity to remind Singaporeans to “recheck” their mask sizing as the Livinguard mask fits differently from its predecessors.


Therefore, make sure to check and double check, as no exchange or refund will be allowed.

CC vending machines moved to make way for vaccination exercises

Singaporeans who collected their masks from certain CCs over previous rounds may not be able to find the machines at their usual spots.

In order to make way for vaccination centres, mask vending machines at 24 CCs will be moved, 20 of which to nearby HDB blocks.


Ms Ho Ching hasn’t revealed the exact locations, but we’ll update once the information is available.

Sanitiser distribution exercise from mid-Apr

Households in Singapore can also look forward to the sanitiser distribution exercise which starts from mid-Apr.

Using a state-of-the-art dispensing system, the public will be able to collect alcohol-free hand sanitiser at their nearest CCs.

To collect, residents will have to bring along their Mar or Apr Singapore Power bills, which contain a special QR code.

Bringing along your own bottles to minimise waste is highly encouraged.

For more information on the 2 initiatives, keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks.

Kudos to Temasek Foundation for keeping us safe

Kudos to Temasek Foundation for equipping Singapore residents with the necessary tools to keep ourselves safe during the pandemic.

Hopefully, the new mask’s ‘lasting powers’ would save us the inconvenience of washing our masks on a regular basis.

Know someone who needs a new reusable mask? Tag them in the comments below so they’re aware of the up-and-coming exercise!

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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