Young Thai Hero Perishes In Terminal 21 Mass Shooting Tragedy While Guarding Door, Got Shot In Chest

A recent mass shooting in Thailand led to the tragic loss of 29 lives, but there could’ve been even more fatalities had it not been for one teen’s heroic sacrifice.

Bangkok Post reports that the boy, aged just 18, was trapped in the Terminal 21 mall in Korat, where the gunman, a Thai solder, prowled the building, shooting on sight.

In order to protect those with him, he volunteered to guard the door, knowing full well he’d be the first to fall if the gunman entered the storeroom.


Athiwat Promsuk, nicknamed Dear, lost his life on Sunday (9 Feb), but he will not be soon forgotten.

Took refuge in a Terminal 21 supermarket storeroom

Bangkok Post reports that Dear was with his girlfriend at Terminal 21 on Saturday (8 Feb) to watch a movie, when they heard that a shooting was taking place.


Seeking refuge in a cold storage room along with a few others, Dear’s selfless deeds stood out as he gave up his undershirt to someone after she was shot in the hand.

For 14 long hours, they remained in the storage room in freezing conditions, as they awaited rescue.

To guard against any forced entry, Dear stacked chairs and other objects against the door.

Gunman barged in & began shooting

On the fateful Sunday morning, someone knocked on the door 3 times. They called out asking whether they were the police and the chilling reply was “No, it’s not”.

A few seconds later, gunfire went off – the lights went out, and the gunman barged in.

Dear was the first one standing in the line of fire and got shot in the chest, in an attempt to protect the others. His girlfriend embraced him as he drew his last breath, the killer still not far away.

However, his sacrifice was not in vain – due to the commotion, the others managed to escape.

A man unafraid to sacrifice himself to help others

Dear was studying at a vocational college in the city and was said to be very close to his mum, to the point where he asked her to move to Korat with him for his studies.


He’d join her after school to help her in her work as a cleaner at Terminal 21, with no regard for how others saw him.

Dear’s mum was waiting for him to show up at a petrol station opposite the mall, but he never did.

Others described him as a well-behaved boy, who never lost his light even though he got bullied sometimes.

Hero was a shining light in a dark tragedy

Dear was about to complete his studies and become an electrician. Unfortunately, his future plans ended with his life that day.


If not for him, many others might have lost their lives.

MS News expresses our condolences to the friends and family of Athiwat Promsuk.

Featured image adapted from Bangkok Post and CNN.