Thai Woman Finally Gets Divorce After Wishing For It At Shrine, Runs 20km In Gratitude

Thai Woman Wishes For Divorce At Shrine, Runs 20km After Successful Split

Sometimes, a little divine intervention might be the solution for a difficult divorce.

Stuck in a difficult relationship with her then-husband, a Thai woman prayed at a shrine for help with her divorce.

She vowed to run 20km in return for a successful split from her husband, whom she had been attempting to divorce for half a decade.

Not too long after, she successfully secured the separation and fulfilled her promise of the lengthy run.

Thai woman struggles with divorce for 5 years

According to Thaiger, Suphaporn Ninlabordee, a 31-year-old dental assistant, faced a persistent challenge — divorce.

Ms Suphaporn explained that she had been married to her then-husband for 15 years and had two children together.

Source: ThaiRath

However, their marital life turned out rocky and she asked for a divorce five years ago. He refused this request, prompting her to move out.

In spite of this, her ex-husband continued visiting her and causing more conflict.

Eventually, he agreed to the divorce but demanded a payment of between 20,000 (S$765) and 30,000 baht (S$1,147).

Ms Suphaporn only earned up to 8,000 baht (S$306) or so a month. Having to support her two children and herself with no financial assistance from her husband, the demanded sum proved a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

Woman runs 20km to fulfil vow

One day, Ms Suphaporn travelled to Kamphaeng Phet City Pillar Shrine in Central Thailand to seek divine assistance for her predicament.

Source: Tipakorn Sugrivaka on Google Maps

There, she promised to run for 20km if her divorce went smoothly.

Afterwards, Ms Suphaporn reportedly sought legal help. Fortunately for the 31-year-old, the court ruled in her favour and she successfully broke off the relationship.

Source: ThaiRath

Whether it be legal or divine aid, Ms Suphaporn fulfilled her vow on 27 Nov by running 20km from the City Pillar Shrine to her workplace.

Source: ThaiRath

Friends and family accompanied her, walking or driving along to ensure her safety.

She arrived at the hospital where she worked after three hours, hopefully marking the start of a better stage in her life.

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