Car Accident In Thailand Inadvertently Saves Kidnapped Chinese Woman Who Escaped After Collision

Chinese Woman Kidnapped in Thailand Escapes Abductor’s Car During Car Accident

On Thursday (14 Sep), a Thai driver and a Chinese driver collided with each other on a Bangkok expressway.

While they discussed compensation, police suddenly arrived and arrested the Chinese driver.

The Chinese driver had kidnapped a Chinese woman for ransom and tied her up in his car.

During the chaos of the accident, she escaped and contacted the police.

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Car accident seemingly leads to immediate arrest

33-year-old Mr Somphong Sisod, a Thai man, got into a car accident on Bangkok’s Sirat Expressway. A grey sedan crashed into Mr Somphong’s car from behind.

The driver of the sedan turned out to be a 36-year-old Chinese man in a blue shirt, Zhao Wulin. The two communicated through a translation app, according to Channel One News.

Zhao offered to pay for damages out of his pocket immediately, but Mr Somphong told him to wait for the insurance representatives instead.

Mr Somphong then watched confused when a group of police arrived and immediately arrested Zhao.

How did a minor car accident lead to such a swift arrest?

Source: Facebook

What he did not know was the insidious nature of the seemingly amicable Zhao.

Chinese woman kidnapped by Telegram ‘friend’

Zhao was actually in Thailand for a holiday. He met up with a Telegram friend, a 27-year-old Chinese woman, who was there for tourism.

10 days after they started speaking, she agreed to a date with him. After their meal and drinks, the woman reportedly felt dizzy and passed out. She woke up naked in Zhao’s home the next day, reported NextShark.

When supposedly taking her to Pattaya, he drove her to a secluded area and kidnapped her. He bound her ankles and arms with ropes and demanded 200,000 yuan (around S$38,000) from her.

Source: Facebook

Lacking funds, she contacted her friend, who agreed to transfer around S$9,360 to her. Zhao then drove with his victim to withdraw the money. It was at this point when he rear-ended Mr Somphong’s car.

Kidnapped woman fled during the car accident

Taking advantage of this miraculous development, the kidnapped victim fled the car while Zhao talked to Mr Somphong. With her ankles still tied, she managed to get into a taxi and got in touch with the police.

In a video, viewers can see ropes tied around her ankles and her wrists as she emerges from the taxi.

Source: Facebook

After the police helped her remove the ropes, deep imprints remain on her skin.

Source: Facebook

The cops then rushed to the scene to arrest Zhao for the kidnapping. They also found rope in the backseat and even more in the trunk.

Mr Somphong did not notice that the woman had escaped.

Thai authorities did not find any links from Zhao to Chinese gangs, and are currently investigating if he has a warrant in China.

The investigation is currently ongoing.

Earlier this month, a group of tourists escaped a car in Thailand after fearing they would be kidnapped.

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