Woman Labelled Thailand’s Most Beautiful Road Sweeper, Expresses Pride In Her Profession

‘Most Beautiful Road Sweeper In Thailand’ Sets Out To Defy Stereotypes In The Face Of Criticism

A woman in Thailand is making waves online as her looks have earned her the title of the “most beautiful road sweeper” in the country.

But beyond her appearance, she’s determined to defy the stereotypes surrounding such occupations.

Sharing about her job regularly on social media, she offers glimpses which many otherwise may not have.

Woman said to be most beautiful road sweeper in Thailand

27-year-old Pattaramon Thocharoen, aka @241262bp on TikTok, often posts on the social media site about her daily duties as a road sweeper in the Chom Thong district of Thailand.

Source: @241262bp on TikTok

A good number of her posts involve her going about her day-to-day work, clad in her uniform with a full face of makeup.

Source: @241262bp on TikTok

Speaking to The Straits Times (ST), she shared that she has received criticism for dolling up while working, something she didn’t take kindly to.

“Why can’t I look pretty while doing hard work? It’s for my own satisfaction,” she stated.

Source: @241262bp on TikTok

Ms Pattaramon’s rise to fame, which has led to netizens calling her the “most beautiful road sweeper” in Thailand, can be attributed to one video in particular.

In this particular post, she talked about an older woman criticising her for her makeup as she was “just a street sweeper.”

“The goal of [my] life is to be beautiful…we have to make ourselves as happy as possible,” she said in the clip.

Earns additional money from TikTok

According to ST, Ms Pattaramon earns about 12,000 baht (S$463) a month as a road sweeper.

She brings in an additional 50,000 baht (S$1,930) a month from social media. This includes brand reviews, product sales, and virtual TikTok Gifts, received from followers and easily converted to cash.

Source: @241262bp on TikTok

“I’m more financially stable,” she said. “I’m able to spend more on small things like choosing express delivery when shopping online or having nice meals with my family.”

Currently, she lives in Bangkok with 10 other family members, including her parents and two sons, aged six and nine.

Source: @241262bp on TikTok

Despite her success on social media, Ms Pattaramon is aware that she might not always be able to enjoy her newfound fame on TikTok. Therefore, she has saved most of her extra income for her children.

“I don’t let the popularity get to my head because one day it could all disappear,” she said.

Source: @241262bp on TikTok

Besides a source of income, her online platform lets her engage with people from different backgrounds and share her opinions.

“Many people assume that those in my profession don’t have thoughts or attitudes to express about life, but we do,” she told ST.

Ms Pattaramon went on to note that she did not consider herself an influencer.

“I want people to see me as a road sweeper who likes to do TikTok videos,” she said. “If I can spread positivity while doing my job and looking good, why not?”

This isn’t the only time workers from this particular industry have gone viral. Earlier this year, a 23-year-old garbage collector shared on a podcast that his job pays a minimum of S$5,000 a month.

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Featured image adapted from @241262bp on TikTok, TikTokTikTok.

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