Daiso Will Open Atas Version Of $2 Shop In Funan Mall, Items Going For $5.80 Each

Threeppy At Funan Mall Will Be The First Outlet Outside Japan

Since its venture over in 2002, Daiso has slowly transitioned into every Singaporean’s go-to place for lifestyle essentials like containers and towels.

Now, Daiso has plans on conquering another consumer segment in Singapore — the atas.

On 14 Jul, the Hiroshima-based company will be opening its first Threeppy outlet in Funan Mall. Threepy is basically Daiso, but at around 3 times the price, or $5.80 to be exact.


Threeppy’s Funan outlet will also be the first of its kind in Singapore. Singapore’s new malls seem to be attracting quite a few “first” outlets outside Japan, as Jewel Changi also hosts the only Pokemon Centre that exists outside Japan.

Threeppy will sell ‘comfort items’, compared to Daiso’s ‘essential items’

While Threeppy has the same parent company as Daiso, offerings in both stores will be drastically different.

Think of it this way: you visit Daiso for your essentials, but you’ll go to Threeppy for ‘comfort items’.

Right off the bat, Threeppy’s outlets in Japan seems to be much smaller compared to Daiso stores here, so don’t expect a sprawling labyrinth that you’ll get lost in.


But what it lacks in quantity is certainly made up with the quality of its offerings.

Threeppy has adorable cushions

The first item that caught our eye was this collection of adorable bear cushions, which comes in various shapes and sizes, including one that appears to be a bolster of sorts.


They even have travelling pillows and eye patches that will guarantee you sweet dreams while travelling on the plane.


Animal pouches for your barang barang 

Threeppy also has bear pouches you can use to carry around your barang barang.


If bears are not to your liking, opt for these feline pouches instead.


Adorable fans to help you quell the heat 

And if you find the Singapore heat to be boiling of late, grab one of these cute portable fans which will make your morning commute more bearable.


Some even have a ‘tail’ you can fold downwards so they can “sit” on your office desk.


Picturesque clothes storage box

Finally, those looking to ‘Marie Kondo’ their living quarters can also consider getting these picturesque clothes storage boxes.


These are available in various sizes, so consumers can get one that fits the severity of their hoarding issues.


With these pretty clothing boxes, spring cleaning will no longer have to be a chore.

Miniso vibe?

Threeppy Funan has yet to open its doors to the public, but we can’t help but already feel the Miniso vibes simply from browsing through their products online.

In any case, here are more information on the location of the outlet so you won’t get lost when you visit the store.

Location: Threeppy by Daiso 
107 North Bridge Road, #B1-17 Funan Mall, Singapore 179105
Date of opening: 14 Jul

Featured image from Instagram, Instagram, and Re-How

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