Thundery Showers & Lightning Strikes Across S’pore On 11 Jun Morning Startle Light Sleepers

Thunder & Lightning On 11 Jun Morning Keep Singapore Residents Up

After weeks of scorching afternoons, Singaporeans woke up to a rainy Saturday (11 Jun) morning to wrap up a long week of work.

While the rainy respite was a welcome change, the thunder and lightning might have startled a few light sleepers across the country.

The sights and sounds of last night’s showers were so intense that many claimed they were jolted awake and couldn’t fall asleep.

And with nothing better to do in the dead of the night, some took the chance to snap photos of the storm. Here’s what you may have missed.

Showers & lightning abundant in the north of Singapore

On Friday (10 Jun), much of Singapore wrestled with a light drizzle when evening descended on us.

Although it was a slight inconvenience, not many would’ve known what was in store when we called it a day last night.

Somewhere in Singapore, photographer Ken Ng was able to capture a number of ominous lightning streaks hiding behind the clouds in the night sky.

Showers & lightning

Source: Ken Ng on Facebook

Besides evoking a sinister feeling, the accompanying caption to the photograph reads, “Thor was furious last night…”.

A quick look at the hourly lightning strike records on The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) website shows that the north of Singapore faced the brunt of the lightning storm.

Seeing how the strikes were largely concentrated around Woodlands and Yishun, we’d imagine residents there had quite the noisy Saturday morning.

Thunder & lightning on 11 Jun allegedly cut off electricity in homes

The weather was so intense that some netizens apparently experienced power outages in their homes.

Source: Singapore Atrium Sale on Facebook

Another netizen lamented that being jolted by the thunder at an ungodly hour was not good for a light sleeper like her.

Source: Singapore Atrium Sale on Facebook

Someone else alleged that the thunder caused their window grills to vibrate, showing how harsh the weather was last night.

Source: Singapore Atrium Sale on Facebook

Despite many netizens’ grievances, some others were miraculously able to sleep soundly through the night.

Cooling weather to sleep in after a long work week

As much as the weather was scary for some, others may feel that a rainy night was the perfect way to end the work week.

With how hot some afternoons have been in recent times, we could all do with cooler weather to sleep in.

After all, we should count our lucky stars that the storm didn’t roll in on a weekday or we’d be walking zombies in the office the next day.

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Featured image adapted from Siva Ganesh on Facebook.

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