Tiger Sugar Has No Relation To These Products

If there’s one thing Singaporeans love, it’s our bubble tea, and Tiger Sugar is, without doubt, one of the most popular brands.


On Thursday (27 Aug), however, Tiger Sugar warned the public of counterfeit drinks in the market that carry their brand name.


These apparently have no relations to the Tiger Sugar brand and hence they cannot guarantee that they are safe for consumption.

Design closely resembles Tiger Sugar products

According to Tiger Sugar Singapore, the counterfeit drinks are currently being sold on online platforms and at supermarkets.

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The counterfeit drink in question carries the same name as the established Tiger Sugar bubble tea brand that Singaporeans have grown to love.

Their logos are pretty identical too.

In fact, one can hardly tell the difference in logo even when they are placed in a side-to-side comparison.

counterfeit tiger sugar

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The only visible difference in the design was the type of font used.

There are reportedly 2 different types of counterfeit drink.

The first appears to be some sort of DIY bubble tea.

counterfeit tiger sugar

The other comes in the form of a bottled drink.

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Authorities have been notified

According to the Facebook post, Tiger Sugar has already alerted authorities to the counterfeit products being sold.

Since the are not related in any way to the counterfeit products, Tiger Sugar cannot guarantee that it’s safe for consumption.

As a precautionary measure, they advise the public not to consume such drinks.

They also remind the public that all authentic Tiger Sugar products will be announced on their social media, or sold directly on their platforms and outlets.

Be wary of counterfeit drinks

If you happen to see such products on your next supermarket trip, do be wary of such counterfeit products.

Bubble tea might be the perfect drink after a long day of work, but be sure that you’re at least drinking one from a reputable source.

Featured image adapted from 8 Days and Facebook.