Alopecia Patient In S’pore Experiences Relapse, Wants Others With Condition To Know They Have Support

Alopecia Patient In S'pore Experiences Relapse, Wants Others With Condition To Know They Have Support

Singaporean Woman Diagnosed With Alopecia Suffers Relapse

Excessive hair loss can impose a terrible burden on individuals, proving to be physically and mentally draining.

Singaporean TikToker Adeline Tay is one of those suffering from such a condition.

Back when Ms Tay was 19 years old, she was diagnosed with alopecia, an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks its own follicles, causing hair loss as a result.

The content creator has since been documenting her journey as an alopecia patient on social media.

In a recent update on TikTok, she shared that her condition has taken a turn for the worse.


it’s scary, but I know it will pass. the active hair loss stage is always the hardest & I am documenting this down to raise awarness for Alopecia as I want to make this relapse purposeful. sharing about it makes me feel less alone too, thank you for journeying with me. we will be okay! 🫂🌻 #alopeciaawareness #mentalhealthawareness

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TikToker documents journey with alopecia

On 25 Feb, Ms Tay shared about her current condition in an update on TikTok.

Lifting different sections of her hair, she showed her followers how a few of the bald spots on her head had widened and merged due to a relapse.

Source: @adelimey on TikTok

Tearing up during the emotional update, she said, “It’s hard because I know it comes and goes.”

Source: @adelimey on TikTok

In the caption, she added that the active hair loss stage is always the most difficult to endure.

However, she bravely declared that she refuses to let her condition dictate her life, despite being afraid.

Source: @adelimey on TikTok

Additionally, she resolutely stated that neither her hair nor her condition defines her in any way.

Source: @adelimey on TikTok

Ms Tay ended the update by thanking her followers for their support and reassuring them that she is learning to deal with the process.

Current relapse feels ‘different’, says TikToker

Speaking to MS News, Ms Tay shared that this recent relapse feels different as her job requires her to be in front of a camera.

Despite the difficulties, she finds strength in knowing that many people are cheering her on and that she’s not facing it alone.

As with every other relapse, Ms Tay was first beset by disappointment.

However, she expressed that it reminded her of why she wanted to be a content creator: to spread awareness about alopecia and document her journey with the condition.

Source: @adeltgf on Instagram

“I’m currently documenting my relapse — both the good and the bad moments — because the condition is unpredictable and it can deteriorate very quickly, which is still something I am learning to embrace,” she explained.

Hopes to support other alopecia patients

Through her content, Ms Tay hopes to provide solidarity and support to others who struggle with the same condition.

While not a life-threatening disease, alopecia “has caused a lot of mental turmoil” and affected her self-confidence and self-esteem, Ms Tay told MS News.

For those suffering from the condition, she advised that there are both good days and bad days — and they are not going through this alone.

Source: @adeltgf on Instagam

“We should all do our best to remind ourselves that this disease does not define us, and while it may take away our hair, it won’t take our personality away,” she added.

All the best to Ms Tay in her journey

Fortunately, Ms Tay shared that despite the heart-wrenching relapse, she is grateful for a strong support system of family, friends, and colleagues.

She added that she’s also been taking some time off for herself to recalibrate. Documenting her journey on social media has been a good way of helping her cope as well.

Additionally, she’s been actively making plans to socialise and go hang out with friends so she doesn’t remain isolated.

We applaud Ms Tay for bravely confronting her challenges head-on and documenting her journey on social media.

With her efforts, hopefully, more patients with this condition will not feel so alone.

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Featured image adapted from @adelimey on TikTok.

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