Sakura Tokidoki Unicorn EZ-Charm Out On 11 April Will Make Train Rides Cute Again

Hanako Tokidoki EZ-Charm Expected To Sell Out Within Hours On Shopee

EZ-Charms are fast replacing EZ-Link cards as the ‘fashionable’ way to tap in and out of the fare gantries.


You have probably have seen it all by now — from Hello Kitty & Snorlax to Gudetama charms, Singaporeans are always raring to snap them up.

We thought we did too. Until we heard that Tokidoki EZ-Charms are making a comeback on Shopee on Thursday (11 Apr).

Dainty pink unicorn with a sakura crown

This time, a dainty Tokidoki unicorn adorned with a cherry blossom crown and pink-tinted mane will be fronting the show.

Those who prefer the flat embroidered keychain version of the EZ-Charm will appreciate the little details like the fuchsia hooves and dip-dyed tail.

We’re a little concerned that the charm may get dirty after a while since it’s mane-ly white — pun fully intended. Do take extra care of your little pony if you intend to get one.

The packaging is nothing to shout about, but it will feature a diamond heart mosiac in 50 shades of pink — give or take a few.

Image courtesy of Shopee

Basically if you know someone who’s literally obsessed with pink, tell them not to trash the plastic packet and keep it as a trophy of sorts.

Someone has to keep track of all the money we’re wasting on ridiculously cute charms after all.

Valid for 3 years, but forever in your hearts

As per the drill, please be reminded that these EZ-Charms are valid for 3 years, from the date of your first top-up.

They are retailing at S$29.90 a piece and come loaded with absolutely no prepaid value.

We’d strongly recommend camping on Shopee before 9am, just to make sure you cart out your unicorn before the hoards of fans rush the site.

Based on past experiences, previous Tokidoki EZ-charms have sold out within hours of their release. Here are the designs side by side to jolt your memory.

Source: 1, 2

You can top them up anywhere you add value to your EZ-Link cards, so feel free to take your Tokidoki pony out for a spin from the east to west coast of Singapore.

Unhealthy addiction to cute

The year has barely begun but EZ-Link doesn’t seem to holding their horses by releasing a slew of EZ-Charm designs.


We can’t wait for other adorable charms to be released this year. We only hope we’ve got enough money to sustain this addiction.

Featured image from MS News.

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