Ridiculously Cute Hello Kitty Omamori EZ-Link Charm Sold On Lazada Now

Hello Kitty EZ-Link Charm Retails For $24.90

Sanrio fans are officially losing their minds over this new Hello Kitty EZ-Link Charm.


Oh, not that’s not it.

This new Sakura blossom pink omamori – aka embroidered cloth amulet – Hello Kitty EZ-Link charm that’s just been released today (21 Jan) on Lazada.


Kawaii des ne?

Just when we thought EZ-Link was done giving their charms a Hello Kitty makeover, they proved us wrong in the best way possible.


This pink Japanese-style amulet will be housing your prepaid transport fare value & good luck for CNY.


Complete with an embroidered strap and authentic Sanrio label, the charm will be embroidered with falling sakura blossoms.


A blushing Hello Kitty will be decked out in a gorgeous pastel pink kimono, with a flower crown around her famous pink bow.


Charmed by the Kitty

These charms are designed after Hello Kitty – arguably the world’s most famous cat – whose big round eyes and lack of a mouth makes her the best listener.


You’ll be able to use the charm just like an EZ-Link card — on buses, trains, and retail outlets that accept EZ-link payment.

Simply top up your charm as you would your regular card at 30,000 EZ-Link acceptance points across the island.

Do note that these charms typically come with no prepaid value. You’ll have to top it up before you can use them.

First come, first served

This EZ-Link charm retails for $24.90 on Lazada, but as with all things Hello Kitty, these charms will probably sell out extremely fast.

2019 has barely begun, but it sure looks like local Sanrio fans are in for a treat.

All the best to those who’ll be trying to get their hands on this adorable addition to the EZ-Link charm family.

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