2-Year-Old Touch ‘N Go Cards Apparently Expired, S’pore Drivers Advised To Replace Them

Limited Supply Of New Touch ‘N Go Cards, Malaysian Shares Tips On How To Get Them

Seasoned border-crossing Singaporeans would be very familiar with Malaysia’s Touch ‘n Go cards. Similar to Singapore’s NETs cash cards, they represent Malaysia’s sole electronic payment system for their highway tolls.

Now that land travel between the two countries has resumed, Singaporean drivers are probably raring to reacquaint themselves with Malaysian roads. To help ease their journey, especially at the tolls, a Malaysian has shared some tips for Singaporeans planning to make the journey up north.

Source: Facebook

In a post in the Malaysia-Singapore Border Crossers (MSBC) group, Facebook user Zayn explains that cards that are two years or older would have most likely expired.

Since getting a new card apparently isn’t as convenient now as it was before, he shares tips on how Singaporean drivers can obtain a replacement.

New Touch ‘n Go cards apparently hard to get

On 9 Apr, Malaysian Facebook user Zayn wrote a lengthy post detailing the latest updates on Touch ‘n Go cards, which drivers need to get past highway tolls in Malaysia.

According to him, drivers will have to take note of the following matters:

  • Touch ‘n Go cards that are two years or older would have most likely expired
  • Expired cards will no longer work at Touch ‘n Go counters
  • Most petrol stations have seemingly run out of Touch ‘n Go cards
  • PLUS CIQ at Johor Bahru Sentral currently only sells one card to each vehicle and doesn’t allow multiple purchases
  • Singaporean vehicles will need to have at least S$9.65 (RM30) in their cards to pay for road charges (RM20) and PLUS fees (RM2+)
  • Only cashless payment modes like debit or credit cards are accepted for card top-ups and purchases

For drivers who wish to get new cards to replace their old ones, he assures that PLUS staff are usually near the tolls with some for sale. They also reportedly provide top-up services or any kind of assistance that drivers may need.

But from 1 May, there will apparently be fewer PLUS staff on standby. Therefore, Zayn advises those who have friends who are already in Malaysia to help buy extra Touch ‘n Go cards at Watsons.

While we can’t verify any of the above claims at the time of writing, we’re sure the tips are useful for drivers who wish to cross the causeway soon, especially seeing that the post has gained over 1,400 shares.

Let your JB-going friends know

A quick drive to Johor Bahru (JB) for food or shopping may be a leisurely activity for many of us, but we’d be entering a foreign territory after all. There are rules and practices to take note of, which we’d have to prepare for in advance.

If you know of anyone who’s planning to make a trip across the causeway soon, tell them to look out for any of the above issues and possible solutions.

And while they’re at it, ask them to pick up a Touch ‘n Go card or two for you.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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