You Can’t Resell Your $100 SingapoRediscover Tourism Vouchers, STB Says

Singapore is looking to revitalise their hospitality and tourism industries, and so are encouraging Singaporeans to have stay-cations & visit places through $100 tourism vouchers.

However, you can’t re-sell these vouchers or pool them with friends or family, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) brand director said on Tuesday (13 Oct).

Given how some people tend to resell vouchers they get for cash, this reminder comes at a handy time.

STB also said they’re looking into how they’ll enforce this rule, to ensure that Singaporeans only use vouchers which belong to them.

Vouchers for personal use only

STB brand director Lim Shoo Ling told The Straits Times that the tourism vouchers – known as SingapoRediscover Vouchers – should only be for personal use.

This means no reselling or giving them out to others.

Explaining the rationale to ST, Ms Lim said it is “so that usage can be tracked and abuses such as fraud and resale can be avoided”.

Digital vouchers available through SingPass

The $100 tourism vouchers will be available to Singaporeans aged 18 and above through SingPass from Dec onwards.

Available in $10 denominations, they can be used for hotel stays, attractions such as Universal Studios Singapore (USS), and tours with local operators.

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They’re meant to help the struggling industry revitalise, and the government has emphasised that this is an economic and not social assistance scheme.

Business has gone down drastically for tourist-reliant companies since the Covid-19 outbreak.

STB working on enforcing use of tourism vouchers

Ms Lim told ST that they’ll give more information in due course about enforcing the vouchers’ use.

They’re also still working out the details.

However, you can use the vouchers all at once, or during separate visits. This is up to you.

Encouraging domestic tourism

Perhaps some may find no need for the $100 vouchers for various reasons. However, to prevent misuse and to encourage tourism, you should probably try to use the vouchers yourself.

It’s free hospitality, after all.

It’s also good to know that STB are going to prevent things like reselling vouchers, since that’d defeat the purpose of giving them out.

So why not explore what Singapore has to offer with SingapoRediscover?

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