TraceTogether App Won’t Show Possible Exposures After Update, You’ll Get An SMS Instead

Possible Exposures Feature Removed From TraceTogether App In Version 2.9 Update

Besides allowing check-ins at public places, the TraceTogether app also informs users if they’ve been to a location visited by Covid-19 cases.

However, the Possible Exposure function will soon be removed with the latest app update. Instead, affected individuals will be alerted via SMS or a call.


This comes after MOH developed a tiered system that better assesses individuals’ risk level of getting infected.

TraceTogether app no longer shows Possible Exposures

On Friday (6 Aug), GovTech launched the Version 2.9 update for the TraceTogether app on iOS devices.

There are 3 significant changes:

  • The app will no longer show possible exposures. MOH will SMS and/or call individuals if they’ve had possible exposure to Covid-19
  • PCR or ART test results will show in the app if tests were taken in the last 24 hours
  • Your Covid Health Status section has a refresh button

With the update, users can no longer access the Possible Exposure section of the app, which previously notified users if their TraceTogether or SafeEntry records matched that of other Covid-19 cases during their infectious period.

Here’s a look at the app before and after the update.

Before update (left); after update (right)

At the time of writing, the update appears to be live only on the Apple App Store and not on the Google Play Store.

GovTech says there’s no need for the feature anymore

GovTech updated its FAQ page with an explanation for the omission.

According to them, the Possible Exposure feature was intended to advise users with “low exposure risk”.

Given their relatively low chance of contracting the virus, these individuals were not required to undergo quarantine but were urged to monitor their health.

As the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve, MOH has since introduced new categories of Covid-19 health alerts and warnings “that make more sophisticated use of TraceTogether, SafeEntry, and other relevant data.”

These new categories are tiered according to the ministry’s assessment of individuals’ risk of infection.

Hence, GovTech says the Possible Exposure alerts are no longer required.

Helps prevent confusion too

Additionally, GovTech said the Possible Exposure alerts could be misconstrued by users and businesses as indicating that an individual is at high risk of getting infected.

In some cases, this might reportedly result in individuals being denied entry to certain premises.

Hence, the removal of the feature might help prevent confusion among users and businesses.

Hope the removal will have positive outcomes

Although the removal of the Possible Exposure feature is surprising to some, the latest update seems well placed to curb unnecessary panic.

With texts and phone calls from MOH, we trust this would be a more effective method to determining an individual’s risk of exposure.

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