Truck Convoy Drives Down Little India, Makes Deepavali Celebrations Extra Lit

Truck Convoy With Pretty Lights Graces Little India Streets In Time For Deepavali

The Covid-19 pandemic may have dampened many festivities this year, but Singaporeans aren’t letting it get in the way of Deepavali. A truck convoy driving through Little India recently proved that, ringing in the occasion elaborately yet safely.

The video on Facebook page Doctor Gearbox garnered over 600 shares at the time of writing, as thrilled netizens marvel at the wondrous sight.

Festive atmosphere still felt despite pandemic

Deepavali this year isn’t without the usual fanfare, as pretty lights line the streets of Little India like they do annually.

People also continue to visit shops in the area to get the items they need, from beautiful outfits to delicious sweets and savoury spreads.


Though there’s no bazaar and eager crowds flocking there, the atmosphere is no less vibrant than what one would expect of the Festival of Lights.

But instead of large events, Little India witnessed a procession of a different sort.

Truck convoy lights up Little India streets

As the skies turned dark and lights of purple, orange and blue hues lit up Little India, an intriguing sight formed on the road.

Flashing multi-coloured lights of their own, a convoy of trailer trucks minus their containers made their way down the street.


Moving along uniformly at a safe speed, the convoy drew curious stares from passersby and possibly motorists in the vicinity.

Certainly, their presence was a pleasant surprise to people soaking in the festive atmosphere there.

Made Deepavali much livelier

According to the admin managing the Doctor Gearbox page, the video was recorded on Friday evening (13 Nov), which was the eve of Deepavali (14 Nov).

We’re happy to see that Singaporeans have come up with innovative yet safe ways to mark important occasions.


Kudos also go to those who planned and put together this mini procession to make Deepavali even livelier.

We’re sure those who witnessed the spectacle are fully appreciative of it.

Hope everyone has a fun & fulfilling holiday

For our friends who celebrated, we hope that you’ve had a fun and fulfilling time with your loved ones.

Enjoy all the yummy food and being in the company of close friends and family.

For everyone else, enjoy the long break if you get one, and take care.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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