4 Lanes On Tuas Second Link Closed For Chemical Spill Exercise Till 2pm, Drivers Told To Expect Delays

4 Lanes On Tuas Second Link Closed From 6am To 2pm, Heavy Traffic & Delays Expected

When an accident happens at the border between countries, nations have to work together to help contain it.

Thus, periodic bilateral exercises are vital to keep officials vigilant and prepared to deal with potential mishaps.

One such exercise is happening on Wednesday (25 Sep) between Singapore and Malaysia and will take place on the Tuas Second Link from 6am to 2pm.

A similar chemical exercise back in 2017

Due to the exercise, 4 lanes on the bridge will be progressively closed, and motorists travelling the Tuas Second Link are advised to expect delays.


Chemical spill exercise on Tuas Second Link

According to the National Environment Agency (NEA), the exercise aims to replicate a chemical spill from a truck collision.

Four chemical drums will be ‘damaged’ during this exercise with fumes being released.

A similar chemical exercise back in 2017

The NEA will also be joined by the Malaysian environmental department alongside other agencies. Members of the public are advised not to be alarmed.

Such exercises are held twice a year. A similar exercise was held last July in the East Johor Straits.


Motorists advised to avoid Tuas Second Link during the exercise

As a result of the exercise, 4 lanes will be progressively closed during the duration of the exercise. The NEA, however, did not disclose which lanes will be closed and when it will happen.

Motorists are also advised to avoid Tuas Second Link during the exercise.

Those who choose to travel across the Second Link are advised to expect delays and closely follow traffic marshal’s instructions.

At the time of writing, there seems to be a massive congestion at the Tuas Second Link.


In a Facebook post at 9.58am, ICA reports that there’s heavy departure traffic at Woodlands Checkpoint due to “backflow of traffic from Malaysia.”

Lanes will reopen after 2pm

With the expected delays, better plan your journey ahead if you’re driving across the Second Link during the affected hours.

You can check the traffic conditions on OneMotoring.sg to have a better gauge severity of the delays.

Featured image adapted from Facebook

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