Twin Sisters In Viral Simei Incident Fined, Netizens Feel They Got Off Easy

Simei Twins Spat On A Condo Manager In 2015

Tang Lei and Tang Bei, the twin sisters involved in a Simei fight have been fined $2,500 and $2,100 respectively.

The sentence was passed on Tuesday (29 Aug) after 20 days of trial, which found the sisters guilty of assaulting Mr Quek, a condominium manager and a security guard.

Tang Bei claimed that the condo manager had “touched her breast” and “insulted her”, but this was deemed an “illogical and inconsistent account” for their shocking behaviour by the judge.

In case you’ve forgotten about the incident, here’s a short recap. Alternatively, you can watch the entire 8-min footage here.

Taking a pass at the condo manager

On 28 Feb 2015, Tang Bei and her sister visited the condo’s management office to apply for an access pass. The pair was attended to by Mr Quek, who was dressed in pink.

After a brief exchange with Mr Quek, the sisters turned hostile.

Tang Bei can be seen here splashing the contents of her bottled drink on Mr Quek’s face.


Her sister Tang Lei then spat on Mr Quek’s face.


But Tang Lei refuted this in court, claiming that “no saliva came out” when she spat.

It didn’t stop there. Tang Lei then decided to throw a metal can at Mr Quek.


Despite having her actions caught on camera, Tang Lei insisted that she did not throw the can. Instead, she claimed that,

A hand knocked against the can and caused it to fly in his direction.

To top it off, Tang Lei thought it’d be wise to slap Mr Quek in the face.


Not their first encounter

The incident on 28 Feb 2015 wasn’t Mr Quek’s first encounter with Tang Bei.

Earlier in the month, Mr Quek had a brief encounter with Tang Bei after she was accused of tailgating others out the condo’s side gate.

When Mr Quek enquired if she was a resident, she replied,

None of your business.

A few days later, Tang Bei went to the management office to apply for her condo access card.

Tang Bei turned hostile and struck Mr Quek after he repeated his request for some necessary documents. Tang Bei even threatened to sue him for molest.

Netizens were enraged

Many netizens on Facebook were angry with the leniency of the sentence.


Some netizens couldn’t belive that it took 3 years to arrive at a fine verdict.


This netizen couldn’t help but compare it to another recent incident where a MRT staff was slapped.


Some netizens even called for the sisters to be repatriated.


Appropriate punishment?

Regardless of the circumstances leading up to the incident, we’re sure that there must be better ways to deal with the situation.

There is absolutely no need to resort to uncouth actions, instead of trying to resolve the situation at hand.

What do you think? Do you think the fine issued was appropriate what the sisters did?

Let us know down below.

Featured image from YouTube

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