Ultra Singapore May Be Cancelled As Netizens Claim Stage Isn’t Set Up & E-Tickets Are Delayed

Ultra Singapore 2019’s New Indoor Venue Is Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre

Update (4 Jun): Ultra Music Festival has issued the e-tickets yesterday (3 Jun) at around 10pm. The venue has officially shifted to Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre — probably meaning no fireworks and tighter spaces.

Other than ZoukOut, another big music festival that comes to mind would be the annual Ultra Singapore.

However, rumours are circulating that Ultra Singapore may not happen this year. Apparently, the event is cancelled due to “fraudulent business practices by the owner”.

Submitted by MS News readers

That is, if a viral text message circulating on social media is to be believed. We have reached out to Ultra Singapore for an official statement on the matter as we hope that speculation, though rife, will be quelled soon.

Netizens are demanding for answers as the event is just 5 days away. In the event that it is cancelled, most would-be concert go-ers just want to know if they’ll be able to get a refund.

Netizen alleges that Ultra’s owner faces 17 lawsuits

The text alleges that the owner of Ultra Singapore, Mr Alex Chew, has not been “paying vendors” or have paid them “late” for the “past 3 years”.

Therefore, the vendors have decided to “file lawsuits” against him. Rumour has it that Mr Chew is allegedly facing 17 different lawsuits.

Presumably, if this text is to be believed, the numerous lawsuits could be taking focus away from conducting the event.

Netizen claims stage set-up isn’t completed

But that can’t be the only reason why such a huge event can’t carry on.

The netizen further claims that the stage has yet to be set up — just 5 days before the event. This was after already making the last minute change to hold it in Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre to save on costs.

But the progress on constructing the venue was allegedly halted since “a week ago”.

Image circulating on Instagram

A netizen also believes that this could be more than just a rumour as there have been no updates on their social media accounts.

Questions from commentors have largely gone unanswered, but we are expecting an update from them soon.


Tickets have not been issued

Based on an MS News reader who has bought the tickets to the event, Ultra has yet to “send the e-tickets to collect the wristbands”.

In the past, Ultra would have given out the wristbands tickets at least a week prior to the actual event.

The last update our readers have received is that Ultra will be issuing the tickets by the end of today.

Submitted by an MS News reader

A common sentiment echoed by netizens online is that they would like a “refund ASAP” if the event is truly cancelled.

Fans would be disappointed

This year’s Ultra was highly anticipated by fans. As of Monday (3 Jun), most of the tickets have already been completely sold out.


Each ticket didn’t come cheap either. They ranged from $150 all the way to $238.

The rocky start to the event has already left eager fans disappointed, especially if it was really cancelled. World-famous DJs like Skrillex and Martin Garrix are performing. We would expect that people are flying from all over the world to catch them spin tracks in person. This experience is something that money just can’t buy.


No official response from Ultra Singapore

While there have been many rumours going around, Ultra Singapore has yet to make an official statement. So we can’t be too quick to judge.

We have reached out to them about the allegations.

Hopefully, Singaporeans fans won’t be disappointed about the cancellation of an event 5 days before it is due to happen.

Featured image from KoncertoMania and Instagram.

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