S’porean Seeks Uncle In Thailand Whose Father Has 3-6 Months To Live

Man’s Uncle Was Last Seen In Udon Province In July This Year

Relationships come and go during our lifetimes. But as we approach our final years, we often yearn to see our long-lost friends and family one last time.

Mr Christopher Tan’s grandfather, who has around 3-6 months left to live, has the same wish. In his final months, he simply hopes to see his long-lost son again.

Hoping to reunite his grandfather and uncle, Christopher has turned to Facebook in an attempt to search for his relative.

Here’s his viral post which has garnered over 4,000 shares in full, we also summarise it after the jump.


Last known to be in Udon, Thailand

According to Mr Tan’s post, his grandfather was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer, and only has roughly 3-6 months left to live.

He misses his son Steven Koo dearly, and prays daily for his return.

Mr Koo has been in Thailand all this while, and was last seen in Udon province back in July this year.

Despite seeking external help, Mr Tan’s family has not succeeded in locating or establishing contact with Mr Koo.

Return home before it’s “too late”

The family hopes Mr Koo will return home to reunite with his family before it is “too late”.

Here’s their heartfelt plea,

Jiujiu…grandpa is very sick…The family hopes you’ll come back to see grandpa before it’s too late.

Christopher concludes his account by expressing how Mr Koo is dearly missed,

Come back home, jiujiu, we all miss you.

Netizens try to help out 

Netizens pitched in to help by sharing the post, and sharing their comments on the page.


The post even succeeded in reaching a Thai netizen, who offered to share it on her Facebook page.


Another netizen proposed contacting him via LinkedIn.


Unfortunately, that appears to be a dead end too.

Here’s a picture of Mr Koo.


If you’ve seen him or are currently in contact with Mr Koo, feel free to contact Mr Tan via Facebook here.

We hope Mr Koo will return home to be at his father’s side soon.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.

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