6 Interesting SkillsFuture Courses You Can Sign Up For That Surprisingly Exist

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The first-year results of the SkillsFuture programme were released earlier this month, reported The Straits Times – and the take-up rate wasn’t ideal, to say the least.

Only 126,000 Singaporeans out of more than two million eligible took courses under SkillsFuture, a rate of just 6.3%.

The $500 credit is meant to develop new skills that can help find a job or just enrich your everyday life, so it’s disappointing that more haven’t taken up the offer.

We think that’s because many may not be aware of just how unique and useful some of the 17,000+ courses on offer are – so that’s why we have compiled 6 interesting SkillsFuture programmes that you may not know exist.

1. Professional Certificate In Human Sexuality

Don’t have lewd thoughts please, this is a proper class – and we don’t think there will be “live” demonstrations or practical exams!

According to the course objective, what they teach isn’t just biological, but also “attitudes, values, and feelings about one’s own gender and sex role; love and affection, infertility and pregnancy, sexuality throughout the lifespan, sexual dysfunctions and therapy, STDs, and sexual abuse”.

In other words, all you need to know about humans and the dirty deed. By recognizing how both males and females work, your relationship with everyone around you may take a turn for the better.

SkillsFuture - Mr Bean


Who knows, maybe this course is also a subtle prod to the future professionals in human sexuality to heed the nation’s call for more babies?

Sign up for the course here.

2. Basic Course In Xiang Qi

Xiang Qi, also known as Chinese Chess, isn’t just a game played by old men in void decks.

It’s a strategy game that may help you navigate treacherous office politics. Exercising your mind may help you think on your feet at work, especially during those all-important presentations. And ace that job interview if you’re looking for a job.

In terms of daily life, it’s also a great way to bond with your friends and family – especially the less tech-savvy elderly.


SkillsFuture - XiangQi


According to the course outline, it aims to help beginners shorten their learning curve.

Go on, challenge your grandfather to a game of Xiang Qi. Don’t be surprised if he ends up kicking your ass!

Sign up for the course here.

3. Bread Making

Why queue up at BreadTalk or buy bland plain bread from the grocery shop any more, when you can bake your own bread?

If you have aspersions of becoming a baker or setting up your own confectionery, a course on bread-making will be a good start.

Otherwise, you can use your new-found skills to get in good with your boss and colleagues – watch as they salivate after having a whiff of your fragrant self-made bread.

You could even surprise your crush with your new found talent, as the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.

SkillsFuture - Bread Making


There are 25 bread-making courses on offer on the Skillsfuture website alone, so you can choose exactly what kind of bread you want to bake.

See a list of the courses here.

4. Handling Difficult Customers On The Telephone

Do you dread talking to clients/customers over the phone? For some reason, people just behave so much more unreasonably when they can’t see your face.

You subconsciously roll your eyes as the person on the other line goes: “Walao eh you all too much already, I want to complain!

It seems no matter how hard you apologize or reason with angry customers, nothing gets into their thick skulls. Sometimes, you might even feel like this… (and we don’t blame you).

SkillsFutue - Phone


According to the course outline, this course will teach you good phone technique and give you the confidence to speak professionally over the phone.

Not much they can do to make the customers less batty, though.

Sign up for the course here.

5. Being More Assertive

Are you always doing your colleagues’ work for them? Are you unable to say anything when your boss piles more work on at 5.55pm on a Friday?

Or are you the one who always lashes out at your colleagues when there’s a difference of opinion, and just can’t accept that you may not be right?

According to the course outline, this course will help you say “no”, and stand up for yourself, while respecting other people’s rights too so you don’t end up offending people.

Meaning you can find a happy medium between passivity and aggressiveness.

SkillsFuture - Keep Calm


Sign up for the course here.

6. Resisting The Dark Side

You vehemently cheered for Rey as she trounced Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens, but unlike in most movies, the good doesn’t always prevail in the office.

We often assume that bad acts are carried out by bad eggs, but this isn’t always the case. Highly honest and virtuous people who were unaware that what they were doing was wrong have been embroiled in corporate scandals.

According to the course objective, “Unethical decision making in organizations : A seminar on the dark side of the force” teaches you how to differentiate between legal and illicit acts you will be carrying out while working and how strong organizational contexts cause good people to make unethical decisions. You will learn about the forces of evil that are present in organizations and how to stay on the right side of the law.



Be in control of the decisions that you make and do not stray to the dark side. Sign up for the course here.

Go Forth And Learn

There are a plethora of choices at your finger tips so we’re sure something will interest you.

So please don’t waste $500, just choose something and put your SkillsFuture Credits to good use.

Featured image taken from Skillsfuture and desertcart.

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