Foetus Makes ‘Peace’ Sign During Ultrasound In US, Medical Staff Surprised By Rare Occurrence

Foetus Makes 'Peace' Sign During Ultrasound In US, Medical Staff Surprised By Rare Occurrence

Foetus’ ‘Peace’ Sign In Ultrasound Causes Medical Staff To Laugh

Experiencing the joy of pregnancy can often be a wonderful journey for parents.

There’s very little that’s more miraculous than carrying a child — except for her making a cool gesture in the womb, apparently.

That was the amusing sight that recently greeted a couple during an ultrasound in the United States (US) when their unborn daughter made a ‘V’ with her little fingers, forming the peace sign.

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Stunned by the sight, the medical staff present promptly burst into laughter along with the parents.

Unborn child makes ‘peace’ sign during ultrasound in US

WGN-TV reports that last Tuesday (31 Jan), Indiana couple Kyle and Abby Weener went for an ultrasound at St. Catherine Hospital in East Chicago.

peace sign ultrasound

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While most of their visit went as per usual, an incredible sight suddenly occurred during the appointment.

Mr Weener recalled that the ultrasound technician was just “looking around, watching things” when suddenly, “these two fingers popped right up”.

peace sign ultrasound

Source: Facebook

The medical staff then turned to the couple before everyone in the room erupted into laughter. Mr Weener said,

The staff said they have never seen anything like this before. This is something unique.

A devout Christian, Mr Weener said that witnessing this unusual sight was “a great reminder that God is building this little being inside (his) wife”.

On Wednesday (1 Feb), he shared a picture of the ultrasound on Facebook.

Sure enough, the still image shows his unborn daughter, Ellie, holding up two fingers in a peace sign.

“31 weeks in and Ellie’s living her best life!” Mr Weener wrote in the caption, clearly enthused by the sight. “Peace out!”

An extra special ultrasound image

Even without a peace sign, being able to see their unborn baby during an ultrasound is an exciting thing for expecting parents.

This headline-making pic of Ellie will certainly make a worthy addition to the Weener family album.

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Featured image adapted from Adobe Stock Images, for illustration purposes only, and Kyle Weener on Facebook.

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