‘Fully Vaccinated’ Status To Have Validity Period After 2nd Dose Of mRNA Vaccine

Validity Period Of ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Status To Be Determined In Coming Months

With the emergence of more infectious and severe Covid-19 variants, the need for individuals to be fully vaccinated has become even more pressing.

To encourage Singaporeans to get vaccinated, the Ministry of Health (MOH) will set a validity period for the ‘fully vaccinated’ status conferred to individuals after receiving their 2nd dose of mRNA vaccines.

In other words, individuals will no longer be deemed fully vaccinated should they fail to get their boosters after this period is over.

MOH to consult expert committee on validity period of ‘fully vaccinated’ status

Speaking during a Multi Ministry Task Force press conference, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said there’s a need to redefine the ‘primary vaccination regime’ in light of the new Covid-19 variants.

This means, following 2 doses of mRNA vaccine or 3 doses of Sinovac/Sinopharm vaccines, the ‘fully vaccinated’ period accorded to individuals will only last for a set period of time.

Once the ‘fully vaccinated’ status expires, individuals will be subjected to vaccination differentiated measures and may not be able to access certain amenities.

MOH is currently consulting the Expert Committee on Covid-19 Vaccination on the duration of this period. More information will be available at end-2021 or early-2022.

Status will not lapse for individuals ineligible for boosters

Mr Ong also assured residents’ that their ‘fully vaccinated’ status will not lapse if they have not had the chance to get their boosters.

The same applies to groups that are not eligible for boosters, such as those aged 18 and below.

Mr Ong said that vaccine protection against the Omicron variant has been found to ‘erode’ with time. On the other hand, boosters shots can help to increase these protection levels.

Hence, vaccination remains central to our nation’s effort to combat Covid-19, particularly the Omicron variant.

Get booster jabs ASAP

While the duration of the validity period remains unconfirmed, eligible residents should get their boosters to protect themselves.

While news of the eroding protection might be concerning, the silver lining is that vaccines remain relatively effective in preventing severe Covid-19 symptoms.

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