Volunteer With Bae For Valentine’s Day & Win Matching Singa The Kindness Lion Plushies

Volunteer With Bae For Valentine’s Day & Win Matching Singa The Kindness Lion Plushies
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Share Your Volunteering Date Experience Online To Win Singa The Kindness Lion Plushies

We’re officially in the month of February, which means that Valentine’s Day is coming up very soon. In fact, it’s less than a week away.

If you’re still looking for things to do with your sweetheart, consider joining forces and volunteering together – after all, it isn’t just couples who should feel loved on Valentine’s Day.

singa plushies

Source: NVPC – Towards a City of Good on Facebook

The National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) is giving away a set of Singa the Kindness Lion plushies to Giving.sg volunteers who share their experience online, adding one more reason to try it out.

And who knows? Doing good together may just bring the two of you even closer than ever.

Show love to children & seniors

When we get too caught up in our own lives, it can be easy to forget that many communities and individuals are in need.

You and bae can show them they’re not forgotten by volunteering your time and energy to help them. Think of it as a rather unconventional but very meaningful date.

Of course, singles can do the same by jio-ing a friend or family member. Spreading love is something everyone can do regardless of their relationship status, and there are many ways to do it.

For instance, the SG Cares Volunteer Centre at Clementi is seeking volunteers to distribute rations to low-income families in the area to spread Chinese New Year cheer.

singa plushies

Source: NVPC – Towards a City of Good on Facebook

If you love children, you can sign up as a ‘Learning Friend’ with New Life Stories.

As a Learning Friend, you’ll spend an hour a week engaging with kids through conversations, storytelling, and activities as a fun way to improve their communication and social skills.

Source: Giving.sg

Our elderly population needs a lot of care and attention too.

The Lions Befrienders Service Association needs volunteers to bring their senior beneficiaries to their medical appointments, translate doctors’ prescriptions, assist those with mobility difficulties, and just be their buddy.

Source: Giving.sg

Those with special needs aren’t forgotten too.

Social Gifting motivates and encourages adults with intellectual disabilities through simple craftwork activities.

Source: Social Gifting on Facebook

By volunteering as a crafter, you will help them to build their masterpieces, as well as their self-confidence.

Use your talents for good

If your abilities are more suited for behind-the-scenes work, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities for you in that area on Giving.sg too.

Creative folks can sign up as graphic design volunteers or animators with Sathya Sai Social Service, where they’ll be responsible for coming up with marketing content.

HealthServe is also looking for infographic designers to create educational materials that spread awareness about mental wellness for migrant workers in Singapore.

Since two heads are better than one, you and your partner can team up to generate ideas together. It’ll make for a pretty lovely bonding session as well.

Source: Wiroj Sidhisoradej on Freepik

Alternatively, those above 23 can be hotline volunteers for Samaritans of Singapore.

By lending a listening ear to distressed callers, you could bring a ray of light into what seems like a long, dark tunnel to them.

Share your experience & win Singa the Kindness Lion Plushies

Charity work should never be done for the sake of looking noble to your Instagram followers.

However, sharing your volunteering experience on social media can also be an effective way to encourage your friends to do the same.

And, from 14 Feb to 14 Mar, you could even win a special prize for doing just that – a set of Singa the Kindness Lion plushies, so you and your loved one can each have one.

singa plushies

Image courtesy of NVPC

The adorable and cheerful mascot for the Singapore Kindness Movement was first introduced in the early 80s and has remained a beloved and recognisable icon ever since.

A collaboration between the Singapore Kindness Movement and NVPC, these limited edition plushies were exclusively designed and produced for Valentine’s Day 2023 to promote kindness and volunteerism.

To participate, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit Giving.sg and sign up as a volunteer with your Valentine (or a friend or family member).
  2. From 14 Feb to 14 Mar, share your volunteer experience on Instagram or TikTok through stories, posts or reels.
  3. Remember to tag @CityofGoodSG and @KindnessSG and include #begreaterinthecityofgood.

The first 100 entries will be eligible to redeem the plushies, and winners will be notified through their social media accounts.

Now go out there and have a productive and fulfilling time doing good with your loved one.

For more information and to explore more volunteering opportunities, visit Giving.sg and follow NVPC on Facebook and Instagram to stay on top of all the latest updates.

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day

While romantic dinners, theme park dates, and movie nights are nice, there’s nothing that makes the heart swell more than to know that you’ve made a positive difference in someone’s life.

Plus, the people you help won’t be the only ones who benefit from your volunteeringresearch has shown that most couples who volunteered together found that their relationships improved following the experience.

For all you know, you could end up having the best Valentine’s Day ever.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with NVPC.

Featured image adapted from NVPC – Towards a City of Good on Facebook and courtesy of NVPC.

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