Mandopop Singer Wang Leehom Believes Love Will Triumph Over Coronavirus Crisis

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, many have made use of their talents to encourage others, and Taiwanese-American Mandopop singer Wang Leehom (王力宏) is one of them.


On 5 Feb, he released a song – Believe Love Will Triumph (坚信爱会赢) – to remind those affected by the coronavirus that they will “get through this together”.

The MV can be viewed here.

Lyrics to Believe Love Will Triumph (坚信爱会赢)

We’ve translated the lyrics for those who may be linguistically-challenged, and so you can better understand the sentiments behind the song.
为了你 我拼了命
最难舍 是这份情

For you, I’ll risk it all
Even if I’m facing a shower of bullets
Across the gate between life and death
I promise I won’t desert you

The most difficult thing is this feeling
I must keep calm in front of you
No matter how many nights I have to support
I won’t let life stop

We believe that if we have love we will triumph
I feel your grief as my own
Whatever troubles we have, we’ll face them together
We’ll be stronger this way

In the storm we’ll unite our strength
I can’t hug you even though I’m the nearest to you
Watching over our love
The Yellow River is flowing far
Let’s unite the Chinese’s strength

The bolded lines seem to be from the perspective of healthcare workers, who have to face death and illness everyday in these trying times.

But they must keep their composure and put on a strong front for those suffering. Truly poignant lyrics.

Realised music is food for the soul

This isn’t the first time Leehom wrote a song to encourage others in a hard time.

Back in 2003, he and fellow singer David Tao penned Hand in Hand back in 2003 during the SARS epidemic.

The experience gave Leehom an epiphany — food is the music of the soul. He realised the importance of letting “one another know, we’re all in this together”.

You are not alone in your fear, pain, or in your suffering.

And so, in 2020 we have a new song penned to fight the new threat.

Urges everyone to unite and fight the virus together

In the song, Leehom urges the people to unite together. Medical workers held up signs that say “Wuhan jiayou! China jiayou! Believe love will triumph”.

“We are on the frontline fighting the virus”


People from all over China also chipped in with their encouragement.


The video also features the heroes not many are talking about, such as the construction workers who worked tirelessly to build the hospital.


Without everyone’s sacrifice, the current situation would be unthinkable.

YouTube version features Chinese celebs

Wang Leehom also collaborated with other Chinese celebrities such as actor Jackie Chan to film another music video.


Kinda gives us “We Are The World” vibes.

Netizens offers wishes

Many netizens were touched by the song and offered their support.

“‘Believe Love Will Triumph’ Because there’s love, life is brighter. I believe tomorrow will be a better day. We’ll welcome tomorrow’s rainbow while holding each other’s hand. Jiayou.”

“Wishing for love on earth, for world peace”

“Watching this made me want to cry. We really will have strength if we have love, jiayou everyone.”

Stay on the side of humanity and face the threat together

Leehom urged those watching to stand “on the side of humanity” and stay strong together.

Indeed, there is strength in unity. Only by staying united can we overcome any challenge that comes our way.

Hopefully the song can be used as an anthem for those struggling on the front lines.

We at MS News hope that we can all deal with the coronavirus threat together and not blame any particular group for what’s transpired. After all, we’re all trying our best.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.