Waterway Point Escalator Handle Covered With Stickers, Public Urged To Be More Responsible

Waterway Point Escalator Handle Covered With Vaccination Stickers

Vaccination stickers serve as proof that we can dine at eateries in groups of 2. But what happens after they’ve served their original purpose?

On Thursday (30 Sep), Facebook user Mr Tan found an escalator handle filled with stickers at Waterway Point. Seeing that, he became concerned for the cleaners who would have a difficult time peeling them off.

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Since the stickers will likely be commonplace amid current situations, the public is urged to be more responsible.

Escalator handle covered with stickers

In a post at the Complaint Singapore Facebook group, Mr Tan shared that he had visited Koufu at Waterway point to get a meal. After leaving the food court, he noticed that there were a lot of stickers on the handle of an escalator nearby.

Though seemingly harmless, he believes it’s an inconvenience for cleaners who will need to take time to peel them off.

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Mr Tan hopes that people would get rid of the stickers through proper means like putting them on the board outside the food court. Alternatively, they can just dump it in a rubbish bin.

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Netizens sympathise with cleaners

Much like Mr Tan, sympathetic netizens hoped that more people would get rid of their stickers properly.

A netizen shared that his dad, who is a cleaner, always needs to take overtime to peel and scrub off the stickers on a daily basis.

In one instance, his dad advised a visitor to avoid this habit. However, he was ignored and told to do his job and avoid complaining.

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Similarly, another commentor empathised with cleaners in charge of cleaning the escalator.


Even if stickers may be inconvenient, another shared they are necessary to determine who can dine in or take away food at certain eateries amid the ongoing pandemic. Because not everyone is vaccinated, we have to use stickers to efficiently differentiate people.


Hope more people will act responsibly

Proper disposal of vaccination stickers is a small gesture. Even so, it can make a big impact on cleaners who laboriously clean escalators on a daily basis.

Kudos to Mr Tan for raising awareness of the plight of our cleaners. Hopefully, more Singapore residents will be responsible after learning about this issue.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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