Singapore Estates Littered With Joss Paper And Offerings On 6 Sep

Monday (6 Sep) was a particularly smoky day, not because of the hazy season but rather due to worshippers who burned joss paper to bid the departed goodbye as the 7th lunar month came to an end.


Sadly, the intense burning also left estates across Singapore littered with offerings.

This also meant our estate cleaners had a lot more work the next morning as they cleaned our neighbourhoods and ensure they’re spick and span.


Some netizens have since taken to social media to share the mess left behind and thanked cleaners for keeping our estates clean.

Joss paper and offerings left along walkways in HDB estates

Monday (6 Sep) was the last day of the Hungry Ghost Festival and it symbolises the departed, who are believed to visit the mortal world during this period, returning back to where they came.

As part of this, devotees sent them off by burning joss paper, incense, and preparing food offerings.


While worshippers in most estates cleared up after themselves, this sadly wasn’t the case for an estate in Boon Lay.

Pictures shared on the 走,新加坡 Let’s go, Singapore Facebook Group show joss paper strewn all over the grass patch next to an incense burner.


Exposed food and drinks were also left in the open, potentially attracting rodents and other pests.


The joss paper and offerings appear to have occupied whole sections of some walkways.


This apparently isn’t a new phenomenon, as it appears to be customary for some to burn joss paper on the last day of the 7th lunar month.

Litter Strewn Over Walkways In 7th Month Aftermath, Residents Urged To Keep Clean

Estate cleaners clear offerings and joss paper

The next morning, estate cleaners were pictured removing the offerings left behind by worshippers.


Despite the mess, the cleaners meticulously went to work.


Eventually, the estates will return to what they were like before yesterday thanks to the cleaners.

Everyone should play their part in keeping estates clean

Traditions like burning joss paper have been around for decades, but these processes should evolve with time to factor in other considerations like hygiene, environmental impact, and in this case, litter.

Though cleaners have been employed to keep our estates clean, we shouldn’t take them for granted.

We too have a part to play in ensuring our neighbourhoods are well-maintained, which should include clearing up after ourselves and not expecting others to do so for us.

Have you witnessed similar scenes in your estate? Share them in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Reddit