Crazy Hot April Weather With Multiple Thunderstorms Expected For S’pore

April Will Be Hot Even With Many Thunderstorms

Someone’s prayers must have finally been answered as Singapore had a full day of rain Monday (1 Apr), ending the dry spell in March.

While thunderstorms are expected through more than half of all the days in Apr, the average temperature will be higher than that in Mar.


Thunderstorms throughout the month

As the inter-monsoon season arrives we can expect to have “short-duration thundery showers” on certain days.

Overall it seems that April is cloudy with a chance of raindrops. And by raindrops, we mean thunderstorms.


You may think this means you can finally wake up without bathing in sweat the next morning.

Unfortunately, even with the rain, temperatures are going to be similar to those in March.

Temperature can reach up to 34°C

Imagine yourself back in March’s heat. Now make it even more humid and make it even hotter.

Yes, that is pretty much what we are going to be facing for the first 2 weeks of Apr with temperatures reaching as high as 34°C.


I guess that just means we will have to deal with the sweltering heat for the next two weeks.

Cooler temperatures towards end April

Every cloud has a silver lining, temperatures look like they will drop towards the end of the month.


Seems like you only need to tough it out for 2 more weeks so prepare yourself for the rainy season ahead.

You can easily fall sick due to the hot and humid weather so make sure you take more vitamins and keep yourself well hydrated.

Featured image from Singapore Tourism Blog.

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