Woman Receives Hand-Drawn RM20 Notes For Wedding With Cartoon Sketches Of M’sian King

Woman In Malaysia Receives Hand-Drawn RM20 Notes For Wedding With Sketches Of Turtle

While relatively rare, we occasionally hear about cases of guests giving empty red packets or envelopes for weddings that they attend.

A woman in Malaysia, however, received something completely unexpected yet amusingly smart at her wedding reception recently.

Instead of an empty angbao or one containing petty amounts of cash, she found two pieces of hand-drawn RM20 (S$5.80) notes.

Source: @jihaaaa98 on TikTok

The pieces of paper even had sketches of turtles and the first Malaysian King, both of which are featured on the actual currency notes.

Woman receives RM20 ‘notes’ for wedding that resemble children’s sketches

Earlier this week, TikTok user @jihaaaa98 shared a video of her counting the money she received from her recent wedding.

@jihaaaa98agak2 bawak ke bank negara dapat berapa ya? 😆😆♬ DJ AYAM PARGOY – Breaks Music Group

The video started off with her showing several RM50 notes and a thick stack of smaller denomination banknotes.

Source: @jihaaaa98 on TikTok

She then laid two pieces of orange ‘notes’ on the table.

Source: @jihaaaa98 on TikTok

At first glance, the two ‘notes’ resembled the other RM20 notes in the stack, complete with a portrait of Tuanku Abdul Rahman ibni Almarhum Tuanku Muhammad, the first King of Malaysia.

On closer inspection, however, it became apparent that the notes were merely sketches drawn using coloured pencils.

Even though the colour on both notes looked almost uncanny, there were obvious inconsistencies in the details.

The number 20 on the notes, for example, appeared thicker on one piece than the other. Not to mention the completely un-human-like sketches of the King, who looked a lot more like one of the Moai or Easter Island statues rather than royalty.

Source: @jihaaaa98 on TikTok

On the other side of the note were two turtle-like sketches that might remind some of us of our own primary school art class drawings.

Source: @jihaaaa98 on TikTok

Again, the inconsistencies were apparent — one of the notes had clear outlines for the turtles and serial numbers, but not the other.

Bride says it felt worse than receiving empty angbao

Having received the faux notes, the OP questioned if they were “new money”.

Even though she said that it was a big-brain move on the guest’s part, receiving the fake notes felt even worse than getting an empty angbao.

Thankfully, the OP was seemingly able to view the situation rather lightheartedly.

How would you react if you found yourself facing something similar? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from @jihaaaa98 on TikTok

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