Singaporean Couple Lodges Police Report Against Missing Wedding Planner

Having a beautiful wedding is every engaged couple’s dream. Thus, many go all out when engaging a planner and this couple was not an exception.

However, the groom was horrified when he discovered that the wedding planner bailed on him a day before the wedding.

Despite being paid a sum of $13,300, the planner did not arrange for many things, such as a caterer. Fortunately, their friends and family came to save the day, reported TODAY Online.

Using their contacts, they managed to plan a wedding that went smoothly.

Planner went MIA before wedding

Mr Muhammad Haiqal Musa, 27, and the bride Ms Siti Nabilah, 22, were having their solemnisation ceremony on Saturday (21 Dec).

After the ceremony, Mr Haiqal’s father, Mr Musa, told him that the wedding planner had “gone missing”.

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Neither the photographer nor the planner was at the ceremony. To make matters worse, the planner did not arrange for any catering, photography and decor services.

This was not the first problem the wedding planner gave too. He previously took a month to get their wedding invites printed though he claimed it would take only a week.

Friends & strangers save the day

Mr Musa then gathered the groomsmen and even their families to get vendors for their wedding.

The couple (centre) posing for a photo with their new chef & assistant

One of the groomsmen’s appeal for help was noticed by a wedding caterer who then contacted celebrity chef Syed Syah. Mr Syed did not hesitate to help and ordered ingredients for a feast that could feed 1,000 people.

He then asked his friends who are wedding decorators, cooks, photographers for help and some of them agreed.

Mr Syed even told the groom, who was “visibly shaken”, that the payment could be discussed after the wedding.

I’m just helping a brother in need. I don’t even know him but… we should help them without thinking about the money.

Extended family lent a helping hand

Mr Haiqal’s extended family, along with his friends, helped to prepare the ingredients and cook too. He told TODAY Online that he was “very thankful to everyone” for his miracle wedding.

They planned a wedding in 24 hours and did it better than what I expected.

The bride’s sister added that “if it was not for the good Samaritans, this event would have been a disaster”.

As for the wedding planner, a police report was made against him on 21 Dec at night after he was non-contactable since the morning.

Congratulations to the newly wedded couple

We’re glad to hear that despite the major hiccup, the couple managed to have a beautiful wedding. With the help of so many people, we’re sure that the wedding will be even more precious to them.

Congratulations to the newly wedded couple!

Featured image adapted from TODAY Online.