Weight Loss Pills In S’pore Found To Cause Heart Failure, HSA Warns Public

Weight Loss Pills Contain Illegal And Dangerous Substances

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) posted a press release today (3 Jun) that alerts Singaporeans about 4 products with “potent undeclared ingredients”.

Several individuals had taken the “weight loss products” which contained an illegal substance — Sibutramine. The substance reportedly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Weight loss pills include illegal substance

The weight loss pills found to contain the illegal substance sibutramine are,

  • BB Body
  • Bello Smaze
  • Choco Fit

Unfortunately, for a woman in her 50’s, she took “BB Body” for 3 months and developed heart failure. As a result, she now has a defibrillator to regulate her heart rhythm and long-term heart medications.


In a separate case, two other women took “Bello Smaze” suffered from heart palpitations and insomnia. One of them – who was in her 20s – experienced the effects just 4 days after consuming it.


Another woman who took “Choco Fit” experienced the same effects just 2 days after consuming the medicine.


Arthritis medicine contained potent steroid

The slimming pills weren’t the only ones that contained illegal substances. HSA also found a potent steroid present in a medicine used to treat arthritis, “Seahorse Chop Du Zhong Ba Ji Wan”.


A man in his 40s bought this from a medical hall in Malaysia promising all-natural products. Unfortunately, the steroid induced Cushing’s syndrome, the side effects of which include “moon face, thin limbs, thinning of the skin and easy bruising”.

Different boxes have different blister strips

Other substances found in the pills are chlorpheniramine – used to treat allergic reactions – and frusemide — a medicine to remove water from the body.

If you are currently taking the weight loss pills, stop immediately and see the doctor if you feel unwell.

Also, if you see any of those 4 products still up on sale anywhere, please do inform HSA through their website or hotline. Hopefully, no one else has been consuming these products long term.

Featured image from the Health Sciences Authority.

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