Block 34 Whampoa West Is One Of Singapore’s Longest HDB Flats

HDB corridors are shared spaces that most Singaporeans are familiar with. Some have also taken it upon themselves to use this space as an extension of their homes.

While most corridors don’t stretch for more than a few metres, this HDB corridor in Whampoa is one of the longest in Singapore.


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Shared by a realtor on TikTok, she timed herself walking from one end to another. Her walk through the seemingly endless corridor took her about 4 minutes.


Although long, the walking along the corridor offers a scenic view of the surrounding Whampoa area too.

Whampoa HDB corridor is one uninterrupted course

Hidden among the rows of HDB blocks is Block 34 in Whampoa West. The oddly curved building is also home to one of Singapore’s longest HDB corridors.


The realtor shared that the Housing Development Board don’t build buildings like this anymore.


The HDB corridor is a straight route with no disruptions, meaning you can technically walk from one end to another without breaking stride.


She took a total of 4 minutes and even suggested cheekily taking a peek into some of the homes if you’re bored during your mini-adventure.

Special address for a special building

According to Remember Singapore, the 12-storey block holds 500 units and is about 312m long.


The building stands atop a historical site in Singapore, which gave its surrounding area its Whampoa name.

Interestingly, despite its neighbours sharing addresses along Bendemeer Road and Boon Keng Road, Block 34 has a unique address just for its residents. Only Block 34 holds the address of Whampoa West.

To accommodate the community that lives in the building, the first floor of the block also houses various amenities such as shops, salons and restaurants.

Appreciating unique, old-school buildings in Singapore

Some buildings hold a special place in Singaporeans hearts as they are usually the backdrop for some of our fondest memories.

While it’s inevitable that things and landscapes change over time, we hope that this unique building will remain in Whampoa for many more years to come.

Do you know of any other buildings with a unique backstory? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Featured image adapted from @homesbyanne on TikTok.