You Should Eat Dinner With A Foreign Worker. Here’s Why.

Protagonist of short film stars in campaign sharing the stories of foreign workers and expatriates

You’ve probably seen Reunion 团圆饭: The Film on your Facebook timeline at least once or twice the past week. The short film debuted just before CNY on Viddsee, but there’s a larger meaning behind the clip.

The film stars Towkay Tan, a coffeeshop owner, and his Chinese runner, Ah Biao. Running a coffeeshop is a challenging task in itself, and Towkay Tan’s frustration compounds as Ah Biao constantly confuses the drink orders.

Come Chinese New Year though, Towkay Tan realizes that he and Ah Biao are not all that different in being a father and a husband, and decides to have reunion dinner with his runner.

Here’s the heartwarming short film if you haven’t already seen it:

But that’s not the end of it all.

Turns out Towkay Tan, when not acting in feels-inducing short films, also stars in social campaigns combating xenophobia.

You see, #WhyBeTowkayTan is an initiative by Singaporean advertising and video agency Sproud.

Towkay Tan is good

According to the official website of the initiative, #WhyBeTowkayTan does not aim to tell others what they need to do. Instead, what it does is to present the background stories that Singaporeans often miss when interacting with foreigners living and working in Singapore.

In this vein, #WhyBeTowkayTan’s website features opinion pieces and interviews from expatriates, foreign workers and welfare organizations.

#WhyBeTowkayTan has a lot to teach you about the similarities we share with those from abroad. For more stories and updates, check out their website and their Facebook page.

“Generally, Singaporeans are very accepting. And we can’t thank you enough for that. But please know that we are not here to take your country away from you.” — Jerni May Camposano, Phillippines

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