Artist Imagines Singapore Landmarks As Stunning Winter Landscapes

Artists Made It Snow At MBS, Merlion Park & Chinatown

If there’s one common dream all Singaporeans have, it’d be that our tropical island would one day see snow.

But let’s be real, we all know that’s quite impossible, given the physical limitations.

Lucky for us, a local artist named Sean Lee has given us a glimpse of what it would be like using the wonders of technology.

Here are some highlights.

1. Ice Dragon Playground

Dragons and ice may not go hand in hand very often.


But we know of a few children who would love to frolic and build snowmen around this iconic playground in Toa Payoh.

2. Snowfall in Chinatown

Tourists seeking warmth in always sunny Singapore may not be pleased to find the streets of Chinatown covered in snow.


But for the rest of us Singaporeans, that’d give us extra incentive to visit otherwise touristy places. Perfect for getting in touch with our cultural roots while feeling extra festive.

3. Temple buried in snow

Not far away from the quaint streets lining Chinatown, the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple in Little India can also be seen buried in thick snow.


We can’t see the dog’s reaction, but we bet it’s quite a change of scenery for him too.

4. Night King at MBS

The Night King from Game of Thrones seems to have paid MBS a visit too.


We hope he had fun ice skating on the frozen harbour.

5. Penguins worship the Merlion

Even the penguins have come out to play around at the Merlion Park.


What a welcoming sight that would be for the CBD workers nearby.

6. Winter in the heartlands

Just like how actors break the fourth wall, here’s the creator Sean himself posing atop a HDB building in Teck Whye.


But wait ah bro, you wear shorts not cold meh?

Atlantis at City Hall MRT

Earlier this year, Sean also made waves on social media as a result of his underwater edits.

Here’s his take on how Raffles City would look like as an underwater Atlantis, fully submerged in the sea.


He transformed Orchard Gateway Linkway as well, into an underwater glass tunnel featuring a massive humpback whale.


No reason to sleep on bus rides any longer. The luminescent jellyfishes outside will be our new night lights.


Just look at the water’s reflection catching the sunlight on the ground. Pretty on point.


If the Little Mermaid was your favourite fairytale, you’ll love what he did to the Library @ Orchard. The haunting deep-sea landscape complete with glowing-eyed dolphins literally gave us chills.


With global warming on the horizon, envisioning a future where Singapore returns to its roots as a deep harbour may not be too far off the mark.

Winter is coming

For more masterpieces from the imaginative mind of Sean, follow his Instagram page here.

Meanwhile, where else in Singapore would you like to see covered in ice, or water?

Featured image from Instagram and Instagram.

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