Woman Accuses Man Of Opening Sealed Product At FairPrice, Staff Try To Solve Miscommunication

Woman Accuses Man Of Opening Sealed FairPrice Product, Said He Was Behaving Like An ‘Animal’

Throughout the pandemic, many of us have been more cautious of hygiene issues when we’re out and about. However, some may take their wariness a tad too far.

On Monday (11 Apr), a TikToker shared that his family was at an NTUC FairPrice Finest outlet when a woman accused his dad of opening a sealed product. She also allegedly called him an uncivilised ‘animal’ for doing so.


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His father then retaliated by asking who the woman thought she was to accuse him of such things.

In the video, FairPrice staff can be seen trying to solve the conflict between the two customers.

The TikToker also eventually said that it was a misunderstanding and both parties were at fault.

Woman accuses man of opening sealed FairPrice product

On Monday (11 Apr), TikToker @theryandudee posted a video where he referred to the woman dressed in a black singlet as a ‘Karen’, for accusing his dad of opening a product at FairPrice.

However, he claimed that his dad was just looking at the product. In the video, two FairPrice staff were seen trying to explain the situation to the woman.

One of them could be heard saying that the seal to the product was already broken. The man had not broken the seal and had merely picked it up.

Source: TikTok

The woman shook her head at this, seemingly unsatisfied. She then pointed at the shelves of bath products behind the staff, asking them if they were telling her that if the products are not sealed, she can just open them up. The staff then told her this was not the case.

Source: TikTok

At this juncture, a woman in purple, supposedly the TikToker’s mother, asked the staff to “call the police” and that she had the whole day to deal with this.

The staff appeared stunned at this statement for a moment. They then suggested that maybe the family could just pay for the opened product.

woman accuses man fairprice

Source: TikTok

But the TikToker’s mum immediately rejected this, insisting they call the police.

In his caption, the TikToker said the woman then walked away when they asked to call the police.

Woman asked man to contact a lawyer

In a second video shared by the TikToker, the woman said, “there is no argument”.

woman accuses man fairprice

Source: TikTok

She then admitted that she had told the man, “Please do not act like an animal”. But she exclaimed that there was no profanity involved in her accusation.

Following this, she addressed what seemed to be the TikToker’s family members and told them to “go talk to a lawyer”.

TikToker agrees with netizens that it is a misunderstanding

In a follow-up video which has since been removed, the TikToker gave a clearer overview of what had happened.

woman accuses man fairprice

Source: TikTok

He shared that his father had picked up the product but it was already unsealed at the time and the cap had fallen off.

It was at this moment that the woman approached them and told them off, accusing him of smelling the product.

Angered by this, his father allegedly asked her “who the f**k was she”.

Hearing this, the woman called FairPrice management to escalate the issue. She also referred to his dad as “uncivilised” and an “animal”.

The incident garnered mixed reactions from netizens. At the end of the day, this netizen said that it was probably just a misunderstanding.

Source: TikTok

The TikToker agreed, saying both parties were at fault.

Keep calm & talk things out calmly instead

From time to time, misunderstandings are bound to occur between individuals.

And oftentimes, raising one’s voice or using vulgarities does little to help resolve such conflicts.

So the next time you encounter such an incident, it’s perhaps best to stay calm and talk things out amicably.

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Featured image adapted from @theryandudee on TikTok and TikTok.

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