Woman Sets Up Makeshift BBQ Pit Along HDB Corridor

BBQ Food Along HDB Corridor

What happens when you’re desperate for BBQ food and there are no pits nearby?

You improvise.

For a female resident of a Jurong West HDB flat, improvisation came in the form of a plastic chair, an aluminium tray and a kind of heating contraption. And all that took place along corridor, just outside her flat.

video uploaded to Facebook this morning (20 Nov), but which shortly after was taken down, shows the lady in action.


She was fanning the flames with the finesse of an experienced BBQ cook. Unfortunately, given the quality of the recording, it was hard to tell what the contents of the nearly full tray were.

HDB corridor rules

According to the National Environmental Agency, smoking is not allowed in “common areas of residential buildings“.

Fortunately for the lady, smoke from BBQ pits doesn’t count.

In fact, even if you set up a murtabak cooking station, you’ll probably be just fine.

There is, however, a rule stipulating that corridors should not be obstructed. From the video, it seems like the lady’s BBQ contraption took up the entire corridor. But perhaps her flat is at the corner and no one will have to pass by that particular section.


Internet users saw no wrong

Most internet users commented that there nothing wrong with the lady’s actions. Some likened it to Chinese residents burning joss paper. They said that if those are allowed, then this shouldn’t be a problem.


Another jokingly pointed out that he would much rather the smell of food than incense.

One user explained that the lady could have resorted to BBQ-ing outside her flat only because of the rain. The first half of November did, after all, see plenty of rain.


May sometimes affect other residents

Users may think that there’s nothing wrong with the lady’s actions. But some residents may have justified concerns.

In August, a Facebook user uploaded a video of a neighbouring resident burning paper for the Hungry Ghost Festival. He worried that the smoke might give his newborn breathing difficulties and was asking for suggestions on what to do.


Barbecuing 101 for HDB residents

If you’re a die-hard BBQ fan and you live in a HDB, all is not lost.

Some HDB estates feature BBQ pits on the ground floor. If you want to book them, you’ll have to contact your Residents’ Committee.

And if your estate does not have BBQ pits, you can always book one at a beach or park. The bookings can be made either online or through an AXS machine.

Whether you’re BBQ-ing outside or along the corridors, let’s all be respectful and use the spaces wisely and considerately.

Featured image from Facebook.

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