Woman Allegedly Scolded By Passenger For Breaking Fast On MRT To Bedok, Asks For Sympathy

Woman Seeks Understanding After Passenger Scolds Her For Breaking Fast On MRT

Travelling via the MRT requires us to adhere to multiple regulations, including not eating or drinking on the train.

In certain situations, however, exceptions can be made — regardless of what others might think.

Recently, a woman chose to break her fast on the train as few alternatives were available to her.

However, a fellow passenger stopped her from doing so, admonishing her for not following regulations.

She has since taken to social media to ask for sympathy and understanding.

Passenger scolds woman for breaking fast on MRT

Posting through @sgfollowsall on Instagram, the woman, Maryam, shared details of her encounter on 12 Apr.

She also spoke separately to MS News, explaining that she would normally take the shuttle bus provided by her company after work to Clementi MRT station, where she would board the train home at around 6.30pm. She is currently working at a company in Clementi but lives in Bedok North.

On that particular day, Maryam only managed to catch the later shuttle bus and ended up departing from Dover station sometime after 6.40pm.

With a long journey ahead and the time to break fast impending shortly after 7pm, @sgfollowsall quoted her as saying that she had “no choice” but to do so on the train.

She claimed that she didn’t have the “luxury” of getting down at a station, eating, and then boarding another train. She also shared with MS News that she couldn’t afford to stop anywhere as she had to get home quickly to fulfil multiple responsibilities including assisting her mother who was caring for an infant.

On top of that, Maryam had an online lesson to attend that night at around 8pm.

Without a bottle of water and only a Snickers bar in her possession, she unwrapped the snack discreetly at 7.11pm to avoid attracting attention.

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

At this time, the train was heading to Kembangan station and Maryam had taken a small bite of her chocolate.

On her second bite, however, a woman beside her allegedly said, “You’re not supposed to eat on [the] MRT.” The fellow passenger apparently said so while pointing at the sign on the window.

Woman leaves after encounter with fellow passenger

Maryam then replied to acknowledge the rule and explain that she was fasting. She claimed that it was “compulsory” for her to break her fast at the time.

She stopped eating to ask the woman, “What if someone goes low on sugar in the middle of a long journey? Instant sugar is needed?”

The woman allegedly pursed her lips and insisted that “you cannot eat on the MRT leh”.

Frustrated, Maryam simply glared at her and left when the train reached Bedok.

MRT station staff allegedly says small treats  for breaking fast are okay

Upon alighting at her station, Maryam told MS News that she hurriedly went to find and approach an MRT station staff.

She asked him if breaking her fast on the train is okay, especially if she has no time to stop for a meal.

When he appeared confused, she showed him her remaining candy bar and specified if small snacks are okay.

The station staff allegedly smiled and replied, “Yes, yes, like that ok! make sure you don’t drop ur wrapper or what, ok already.”

Woman asks for sympathy

While the staff’s reply may have offered some consolation, Maryam’s encounter with the woman was still an unpleasant one for her.

In light of what happened, she seeks the public’s sympathy and compromise. In this case, she hoped that the woman could have listened to her explanation properly instead of “following the rules blindly”.

Maryam expressed her belief that every rule should bear some tolerance, especially in varying situations. She acknowledged the rule she was breaching but noted that she did not cause any problems,

Consumption of edibles is prohibited since it might soil the seats, it might dirty the flooring, attract attention due to its aroma, or spill, which could affect the surrounding passengers. However, what I ate was a mere chocolate bar and I was only taking 1-2 bites to break fast. Hence, there was no trouble caused by that act.

In the @sgfollowsall caption, she also called on the public to assist Muslim passengers looking to break their fast on public transport.

“If possible, if (you) see a Muslim on board and it is time (to) break fast, and they are not having anything, offer them if you have something,” she said.

Ultimately, she said that what we need is kindness, understanding and flexibility when following some rules.

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Featured image adapted from @sgfollowsall on Instagram and Google Maps.

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