Woman On Crutches Requests Grab Pick-Up From 3rd Storey & Gets Rude Reply, Urges Kindness

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Woman On Crutches Requests 3rd Floor Pick-Up, Driver Says It’ll Cost Extra

UPDATE (5 Jan, 8.50pm): In response to queries from MS News, Grab stated that they have temporarily suspended the partner’s account. Here’s their statement in full:

We are sorry to learn about this unpleasant incident. It is against the driver code of conduct to ask for additional charges, and we have temporarily suspended the partner’s account. In the event of special requests, we hope that all parties on our platform will communicate considerately and with understanding.

Taking public transport can be inconvenient for those in wheelchairs or on crutches, so some turn to ride-hailing apps instead.

But on Tuesday (3 Jan), 22-year-old Syaf, who is currently on crutches, took to TikTok to share about her unpleasant experience with a Grab driver.

She claimed that when she asked him to pick her up from the third floor of a carpark, she received a curt reply.


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Syaf later lodged a complaint with Grab about the driver, and he was allegedly suspended for 72 hours.

She went on to urge greater kindness and empathy among the public, asking everyone to “do better”.

Woman lodges complaint about Grab driver

In her video, Syaf explained that she recently fell and injured her knee.

It was a serious injury that might require surgery. In the meantime, she has to be on crutches.

Source: @nopenotsyaf on TikTok

She shared that because of this, she’s wary about going down to the first floor of her office building on rainy days as it would be especially slippery.

So whenever she books a cab, Syaf would inform the driver that she’s on crutches and ask them to drive up to the carpark on the third storey, where her office is located, to fetch her.

But on Tuesday (3 Jan), her Grab driver replied that it would cost extra for him to drive up there.

Source: @nopenotsyaf on TikTok

When she enquired about this, the driver simply replied, “good luck to u cause must be fair for us… how much is your fare? is it fair for us? (sic)”

Unfortunately, Syaf shared that this was not her first time getting such treatment from drivers.

Some have allegedly told her they would not have accepted her booking if they knew she was on crutches, while others scolded her for “troubling” them.

Syaf went on to say that in truth, private-hire drivers are in the service industry. Thus, it is their job to provide good service to passengers.

Although she has met nice drivers who offered her help, many others have made her feel as if it was her fault she was on crutches.

She urged private-hire drivers to “do better”, not just for her sake, but for everyone else’s.

Syaf has since lodged a report against the driver to Grab.

Speaking to MS News, she said Grab assured her that this will not happen again and the case is pending updates.

Driver claims he’s been suspended for 72 hours

Syaf’s TikTok video was later reposted on the PHV Community Facebook page.

In the comments section, a man shared that he was the driver in question.

Woman crutches grab driver

Source: Facebook

He claimed that although he empathised with her predicament, he cancelled the ride as he was too far away and the fare was “impractical”.

There was also no far pick-up bonus and Syaf had asked him to go to the third floor. To balance things out, he asked for additional charges.

The driver went on to reveal that Grab suspended him for 72 hours, asking if Syaf was happy with that.

He even critiqued her appearance, writing, “This show how pious wearing a tudong with piercing on your nose and the intention for posting this (sic).”

The driver then said if it was someone in a wheelchair, he would “definitely help”.

Many comments under the post seemed to side with the driver.

He lamented that he no longer wanted to stay in the industry but seeing all the support for him made him feel that he was “not guilty for cancelling such (a) job”.

Urges everyone to “be kind”

The post eventually caught Syaf’s attention and she shared a follow-up TikTok video in response.

She said that if the driver truly felt guilty, he would not have made that comment.

Addressing his words about her headscarf and nose piercing, Syaf said he decided to “degrade” her appearance when he had nothing left to say.

She also shared that it isn’t just people in wheelchairs who require help. After all, there are other kinds of equipment for mobility issues as well.

The heart of the matter was that the driver was rude when he didn’t have to be, she said.

Woman crutches grab driver

Source: @nopenotsyaf on TikTok

While it is all right to reject a booking, drivers should not be asking the passenger for compensation if do they accept it. This is against Grab’s policy, Syaf pointed out.

And to the people who said that those with disabilities like her should just stay home, she said, “(The) same way you’re working for an income (is the) same way I’m working for an income. Be kind.”

Syaf later made a third video addressing an individual who reposted her video and actively supported the driver on the issue.

She clarified that she was not complaining because the driver did not want to go to the third floor, but because he was rude.

Woman crutches grab driver

Source: @nopenotsyaf on TikTok

At the end of the day, she hopes that people will learn to treat others with more kindness.

Syaf understands it’s not an easy industry and simply hopes that everyone can be kinder, or at least, more polite.

MS News has reached out to Grab regarding the matter and will update the article accordingly.

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Featured image adapted from @nopenotsyaf on TikTok and TikTok.

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